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8k-4k Textures for the mountains, staying lore-friendly. Now with Parallax support and a fomod

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8K Nordic Mountains (Parallax)

So once again I was playing around with the mountain textures. I literally love these - I don't know why, I think it's just because I think they fit so, so well. I have never been really happy with any of the mountain textures I have uploaded and I continuously have been tweaking the mountains for years without getting it just right. I think I finally got it just right for my own play-through. They have detail without it being too distracting, and also it's pretty close to the vanilla texture's color and brightness. I also added a darker version for those that want it!

Now with an option for people to use parallax! Check out the new screens if that's something that interests you! Mountain Parallax looks a little bit strange sometimes as you can see the texture "moving" because of the parallax effect. I have tried to reduce the movement as well as I could and I will probably keep tweaking it, but if I reduce the height too much then there's no point to the parallax. It's just one of those things, either live with it or don't use it at this point. It's really cool though and I do plan to try and reduce it some more. I also turned parallax on for the rocks, I think I got them all there is a lot of meshes lol. If you find a mesh for the rocks that needs turned on please let me know and I will add it.
Also let it be known I don't think the parallax version will work with MM since MM has it's own edited meshes and changes things. The non-parallax version of this mod still works with MM.

The Non-Parallax textures are compatible with Majestic Mountains
If you would like to use all the great things Majestic Mountains adds to Skyrim, but you want to use these textures you can! Either have Nordic take priority or just manually drag and drop the files into MM. T4gtr34um3r was kind enough to allow me to tweak this mod to work with MM but after taking a look at the files I realized it already works haha. Either way thanks anyways to T4gtr34um3r!

 I wanted to add if you want the fogs on the mountains to show up farther away set fSkyCellRefFadeDistance=280000  in skyrimprefsini that is the maximum setting for the fog distance. So you will have fog show up far far away on the mountains and it just looks way better imo. 

thanks to aproco for pointing out the missed shader flags and also helping me set them properly. give them some kudos