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Pick up books without reading first, always pick up books option, weightless books option, iActivate patch option, No latency script (essential script approach), no touching references. MCM menu.

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Pick Up Books Simple

Books in Skyrim suffers of the oneway street of reading them before obtaining them, not anymore.


Now with Essential MCM menu

Integrated in the vanilla UI, "Take Books" or "Steal" Directly.

New! Turn to always pick up books! No more reading first/ "Better spell learning / Challenging spell learning" Patch
New! Added weightless books option
New! iActivate Patch!
New! Standard in first person pick up without read, in 3rd person read first! Or vice versa! Is Toggleable.

You can decide when you "pick up" a book to become weightless. The weightless feature will work with all the base form of the Item, so
example i pick up "Immortal Blood" all "Immortal blood" books will weight
0. This option will work with any book that weights >= 1. This feature DOESN'T touch records, doesn't need patches for any books mods or
unofficial patches, will work with any mods that adds books. WON'T work
on spelltomes. WON'T WORK on Quest books (wich already don't have a
weight on the player)

Turning off this feature will reverse all books picked up to the weight of 1. (Turn off the feature > Save your game > Reload to
take effect)

This version of the mod works with ANY MODS, BRUMA FALSKAAR ETC.


Pick up books SIMPLER

Simply pick up directly books, no activate label change, no crime detection. Draw your hand to read it first.

I Saw a lot of mod dealing with this problem of "obbligatory" reading books/Removing Weight on items, but none of those was un-intrusive enough
for my taste, mainly because they touched every single book object.

Skillbooks no longer picked up by your followers, no more quest autostarted, faster shelves deplete.

The mod activates as game starts.
No patch with usleep/uskp needed, no touching objects.

Installing procedure: Download with manager >
remember to sort the position with "Loot" , and activate the .Esl in the mod section of the game.
Mod>LoadOrder>Activate mod.

Manual download: Install files in the data folder, remember to sort the position with "Loot" , and activate the .Esl in the mod section of the game. Mod>LoadOrder>Activate mod.
Should be conflicts free!

Credits: My genius and Creation Kit

I have Made other mods check my profile :D

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