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Makes the courier look less of a wimp and more of a hardened survivalist who is up to the task of traversing Skyrim.

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"It always bothered me that the vanilla Courier never got an immersive makeover. I didn't want a female babydoll (or male babydoll) courier in my game. I created this replacer to make a Courier an experienced, weathered warrior who have been through a lot battling all the elements and perils of Skyrim just to get your letters delivered. He is now a person not to be messed with, a man of the wild who looks the part, who traveled Skyrim end-to end and survived. Yes his face is tanned from the sun, with many wrinkles and scars as proof of his countless battles. He is muscular and rough around the edges as he should be in order to thrive."

My changes in detail:
- Inspired by my other mod Hardened Courier
- Now the courier looks younger but hardy, matches his voice much better!
- Properly exported facegen data from the start! No black face bug, 100% guaranteed (unless you are silly enough to load two Courier appearance altering mods at the same time....)
- New equipment (fur bracers and long-sleeved fur amour as this looks the most survival-y in my opinion)
- Levels with the player from 1 to 100
- All vanilla! (looks determined by your skin/character mods and textures)
ESL flagged ESP (ESPFE), it doesn't take up a slot in your load order!
- 1000% Immersive!

- Literally no compatibility issues whatsoever, worked stable in my 490+ mod game without a hitch! I also made a version where I carried over the sandbox features and other additions of Provincial Courier Service (original mod is a hard requirement!)

Load Order:
- Doesn't matter!

- Install with your preferred mod manager or manually drag and drop the files into your Data folder.

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