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A preset for Papyrus Syntax Highlighting in Notepad++.

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I couldn't find a complete preset for Papyrus Syntax Highlighting, so I made this one. It covers all script objects, functions and events from Skyrim LE/SE and from various additional script extensions, displayed in different (brighter) colors. So far it supports the following extensions:

SKSE v1.07.03 / SKSE64 v2.0.19 (by SKSE Team)
SkyUI v5.1 / SkyUI SE v5.2 (by SkyUI Team)
SkyUILib v1.0 (by SkyUILib Team)
PapyrusUtil v3.3 / PapyrusUtil SE v3.9 (by exiledviper/meh321)
UIExtensions LE v1.2.0 / SSE v1.2.0 (by Expired)
Papyrus Extender LE v2.5 / SSE v4.0 (by powerofthree)
Magic Extender v1.03b (by egocarib)
FISS v1.21 / FISSES v1.3.7 (by Lord Conti/TerenceYao)
ConsoleUtil v3.0 / ConsoleUtil SSE v1.2.0 (by meh321/Ryan)
Jaxonz Console Plugin v1.3 (by Jaxonz)
Inventory Functions v3.02.00 / SE v0.07.00 (by Quad2Core/Kalivore)
CobbAPI - New Scripting Functions v1.0.2 (by DavidJCobb)
JContainers v3.3.0.RC3 (by silvericed)
KMX Utility Plugin v1.2 (by Kain-Xavier)

If I missed any, please let me know.


1. Extract the provided *.xml file to any location on your hard disk.
2. Open Notepad++, go to Language menu -> Define your language...
3. Select to import settings, choose the *.xml file.
4. Restart Notepad++. Papyrus should now be listed in the Language menu.