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Tawenja Armor is a brand new Adventurer outfit including clothing, armor and a backpack.

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Marvelous Attire is a massive series of clothing and maybe now also armor mods in the future.
All the outfit sets can be purchased in a custom shop which I have no idea when it will be available, sorry.
I'm looking for someone who would like to design a shop for me, please send me a message if you are interested :-)

Until the shop is available I recommend using AddItemMenu to add the items to your inventory.
Of course you can also use the console and type "help Tawenja" to find the IDs.
The items are not craftable as this wouldn't fit with the story of the clothing shop.

Check out my other Marvelous Attire Clothing Lines:

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Tawenja Armor can be used as clothing and armor, depending on what you need in the current gameplay situation.
From a roleplaying perspective I never liked the idea that in Vanilla you just always run around in a full armor suit.
This set started as a clothing set but while creating it I thought why not add some armor parts which you can equip if you need it.
That way you can just wear clothing when you're not in combat, and equip the armor if you're going for a fight.

I started work on this set a very long time ago, it must've been some time around summer 2019.
Then I worked on several other things and came back to it from time to time.
A few weeks ago I decided to finally finish it, because the gap of knowledge I had at the start and that I have know is getting larger every week, which is not a good thing.
It means that you constantly spot stuff which you don't like anymore and that you want to change, but once you get into that spiral you'll never make it out again and never finish the project.
So I'm really glad that - while not being perfect - it is now finished and ready to be released :-)

Tawenja Armor is available for TMB body (without weight slider support) and for CBBE BodySlide (with or without physics).

The armor is temperable and has a default armor rating of 44, between Iron and Steel.

List of items:

Tawenja Armor (three color variants)
Tawenja Bodice
Tawenja Shrug
Tawenja Trousers (+25 carry capacity)
Tawenja Gloves
Tawenja Boots
Tawenja Backpack (+45 carry capacity)

Every item has a working inventory and ground model.
As this is my largest mod so far I expect some bugs, please let me know in the posts section or open a bug ticket if you're sure that it's a bug.

Changelog Gameplay update 2.0
by jamesthornbury (thank you very much!) :-)

The game mechanics of the outfit have been reworked:

1. The three versions of the armour piece now have an armour rating close to a full set of heavy steel plate armour, heavy steel plate gloves, and heavy steel plate boots.

2. For each of the clothing pieces, there are now heavy armour versions that have a very small amount of armour rating. Wearing these together with any of the three versions of the armour piece will allow you to benefit from perks that require you to wear multiple pieces of heavy armour.

3. The behind-the-scenes slots used by the outfit have been changed, so it should now play nice with many of the more popular mods on nexus. For example, the backpack now uses the same slot as Campfire backpacks, and the bodice and leg parts now use only use the body and calves slots. Have fun mixing and matching!

Note that the three versions of the armour piece use the slot commonly used by cloak mods. This is intentional, as the outfit isn't designed to be worn with them, and none of the cloak mods look particularly good with it anyway.

4. Finally, rather than separate bodices and trousers, there are armoured and unarmoured outfits that combine these pieces together and only use the body slot. Use these if you want to free up your calves slot for something else, or if you don't want the hassle of equipping two different items for your main body.

Possible future improvements: add crafting recipes for all articles of clothing, add an entry to define the pieces as a matching set for the purposes of vanilla perks. I use the Ordinator mod, so I didn't bother. Maybe add a helmet?

Known bugs: wearing the trousers without the bodice causes the legs to clip through the trousers. Wearing the bodice without the trousers causes the leg mesh to change, which may look strange depending on whatever other set of trousers the player equips. Finally, the backpack's straps very subtly clip into the shrug piece, as they weren't originally designed to be worn together.

As this set is quite specialized it's not really meant to be mixed with my other clothing lines.

Three different color variants for the armor:

Lots of details to enjoy looking at :-)

Jeir - Sculpting to CBBE and creating BodySlide files
docteure - CBBE bone weighting and fine-tuning (thanks for answering countless questions about bone weighting <3)