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add HDT SMP wind

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- you need to setting HDT SMP Bones.
- SKSE (SE build 2.0.17 (runtime 1.5.97))
- Download and replace hdtSMP64.dll (because this file include HDTSMP stuff)
- Setting wind (see blow)

- if you have experience HDT SMP Stuff, its not hard. like setting HDT SMP,  you can do wind setting in configs.xml
- basic wind setting (
- height accelerator(
- random padding(
- irregular accelerator(
- base wind behave(
- wave function(
- Console Command (
- wave padding(
- wind disable bone(
- base rotation(
- beta function

- if you stuck how to setting wind, see option file.

recently, i start play cities skyline.
This list is written so as not to forget.
i will update when i come back. (6 m guess)
- wave randomize
- structure wind( Area wind (circle , box) for 3D, 2D )
- time base wind event
- wind Sequentially opposite direction (not need guess, connected physics node will mess this behave)
- wind sequentually move smoothly
- wind rotation smoothing (low priority / not use)
- wind pond / rotation pond (distance base acc / pad)
 + padding should calculate radian
- pond point randomize / fixed option (need to handle by two)
- randomize rotation / randomize rotation pad
- add wind off time for basic behave (should off even padding)
- basic behave chenge based on time (randomize)
- Writing routines to handle each object independently( need randomizing )
-----> version 1 done

- to oldrim user
I misunderstood what it was to say.
The meaning of Oldrim was mistaken for an older version of Skyrim SSE.
I won't make a Skyrim Classic (LE) Skse version because I don't know how Skyrim Classic (LE) Skse differs from Skyrim SE Skse.
To be exact, my source code is not heavily bound to skse.
All of them are portable except for the weather and indoor checks,
but it's not easy to see what dependencies Aers's work has and I don't think it will work in the LE version
because there's no HDT-SMP LE version.
I'm sorry.