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Distributes a Cutlass to pirates and other seafarers.

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Have you ever found it strange that corsairs and other pirates in Skyrim use Hammerfell Scimitars? Well wonder no longer for now they wield a much more fitting weapon: a cutlass!

  • A new Cutlass sword has been added to the game with unique models and textures.
  • Safia now wields a Cutlass.
  • Kjar now wields a Cutlass.
  • Captain Wayfinder now wields a Cutlass.
  • Dalan Merchad now wields a Cutlass.
  • Xander now wields a Cutlass.
  • Jaree-Ra now wields a Cutlass.
  • Deeja now wields a Cutlass.
  • Gjalund now wields a Cutlass.
  • Garuk Windrime now wields a Cutlass.
  • Thalin Ebonhand now wields a Cutlass.
  • Corsairs now wield Cutlasses instead of Scimitars.
  • Blood Horkers now have a chance to wield Cutlasses.
  • Blackblood Marauders now have a chance to wield Cutlasses.
  • Haknir's Crew now have a chance to wield Cutlasses.
  • Velehk Sain now wields a Cutlass instead of a Scimitar.
  • Hjalfar, Palevius Lex, Benkum, and Liesl at the Water Stone now wield Cutlasses instead of Steel Swords.

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winedave has reworked this mod's cutlass asset from scratch. I think it looks great and I highly recommend you pick up Pirates Wield Scurvy Cutlasses to get yourself some pretty cutlasses.