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Pirates now wield Cutlasses!

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Pirates Wield Cutlasses
Have you ever found it strange that corsairs and other pirates in Skyrim use Hammerfell Scimitars? Well wonder no longer for now they wield a much more fitting weapon: a cutlass!


  • A new Cutlass sword has been added to the game with unique models and textures.
  • Safia now wields a Cutlass.
  • Kjar now wields a Cutlass.
  • Captain Wayfinder now wields a Cutlass.
  • Dalan Merchad now wields a Cutlass.
  • Xander now wields a Cutlass.
  • Gjalund now wields a Cutlass.
  • Garuk Windrime now wields a Cutlass.
  • Thalin Ebonhand now wields a Cutlass.
  • Corsairs now wield Cutlasses instead of Scimitars.
  • Blood Horkers now have a chance to wield Cutlasses.
  • Haknir's Crew now have a chance to wield Cutlasses.
  • Velehk Sain now wields a Cutlass instead of a Scimitar.
  • Windshear is now a Cutlass instead of a Scimitar.
  • Bloodscythe and Soulrender now have a unique model and texture distinct from the other cutlasses added.


747823 for the Cutlass asset taken from Weapons of the Third Era.
InsanitySorrow for the Bloodscythe and Soulrender assets taken from Unique Uniques.
Simon Magus for inspiring me to learn to mod.
VictorF and Paleo the Parrot for helping me around xEdit and the Creation Kit.

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