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Skysunder Metamagics seamlessly adds new mechanics to spellcasting. Charge your spells to knockback enemies. Share cloaks, wards etc. with nearby followers. Attempt a risky spell disarm. Reflect spells with a well-timed ward. Blink through walls for a quick escape. Pour several mage's worth of magicka into a huge fireball to blow up entire towns

Permissions and credits
This is a port to SE. The original mod can be found here.

Skysunder Metamagics


In tabletop RPGs, metamagics are abilities that allow spellcasters to
alter the way they cast their spells, gaining increased spell power,
longer durations, greater range or other bonuses.  This gives them
greater flexibility with their magical arsenal.

Skysunder Metamagics seeks to do the same for Skyrim by introducing new gameplay
mechanics that let you empower your spells and use them in entirely
different and creative ways.  This means more options, more tactics,
more explosions and more people launched into the air by said
explosions.  Skysunder <3 explosions.  Magic should give its users a
sense of power and control, but at the same time, vulnerability - the
greatest rewards are those that come with the greatest risks.

Skysunder Metamagics integrates seamlessly into the base game.  It requires no configurations and has no hotkeys.

Skysunder Metamagics - Spell Charging

The Spell Charging mechanic is the core of Skysunder Metamagics.  It allows
the addition of powerful effects to spells without making gameplay
imbalanced.  Casting a spell without releasing it will increase its
effectiveness while draining a proportionate amount of magicka.  Spell
effects and projectiles increase in size to reflect their charge level. 
Skill experience also increases accordingly.  If magicka runs out while
charging a spell, health is consumed in its stead.

  • Illusion and reanimation spells are more viable at higher levels
  • Zombies and other summonables last longer in case you happen to like their company.  I'm not judging.
  • Buffs like armor spells need to be recast less often.
  • Most area spells have their radius increased.  Think explosions, but bigger.
  • Destruction spells damage charge twice as fast and twice as much, but DPS-wise is
  • still inferior to rapid casting.  What it gives you the option to
    initiate combat with a stronger first hit to quickly eliminate priority
    targets and also make use of time spent in cover to increase your
    damage.  Charging your spells is a tactical decision.

That's far from everything.  Multiple other features are also tied into spell charging in one way or another.

Skysunder Metamagics - High Impact Magic

In vanilla, you can drive an ice spear the size of a greatsword through a
man's chest and he'd just shrug it off without even flinching.  No
amount of chest hair should protect you from that.  All Destruction
spells gain a stagger or knockback based on their charge level.  You can
even disarm your attacker depending on the offending weapon and your
charge level if you catch them mid-swing.  The catch?  Spells are now
interrupted by melee attacks and any magicka spent charging spells is
not refunded.  Greater risk for greater reward.  After all, no mage
should be able to facetank a warhammer without losing focus - a problem
all too common in vanilla.  Fists don't count.  Being magically attuned
and supernaturally wimpy are separately acquired traits.

Skysunder Metamagics - Ultracasting

Dual casting increases the maximum charge level for spells by tenfold.  If
you'd ever dreamed of casting town leveling spells, this is it. 
Needless to say you will face the longest cast times and highest spell
costs you'd ever seen, but an ultracast spell will likely bring about
swift victory to any battle that has yet to conclude by the time you
actually finish the damn thing.  Dual casting now carries a movement
speed penalty, so bring support, like any friends you haven’t already
reduced to cinders.  Ultracasting Destruction spells gives you a high
damage cloak after reaching a certain charge level, and eventually you
will bend the very weather to the element of your spell.  The impact of
an Ultracast Destruction spell will be strong enough to knockdown even
giants and stagger mammoths.  Interrupting an Ultracast Destruction
spell will result in an explosion most unpleasant for anybody involved.

Future plans: If co-op mods become a thing, I will add mechanics that will
allow players to channel spells together in large spell formations to
share the magicka burden and emulate the abilities of vastly stronger
magi.  The tears of your enemies will be enough to go around.

Skysunder Metamagics - Spell Sharing

With the power of love, dual casting self-targeted heals, buffs and wards
now share their effects with surrounding NPCs within the your line of
sight.  Non-concentration spells additionally become "smart", only
affecting non-hostiles.  Sharing radius increases with charge level. 
Ward your followers or give the entire town invisibility so you won't
have to see anyone again for a while.

Skysunder Evasion – Dodge Rolls and Blinks

Skysunder Evasion is an optional but highly recommended standalone component of
Skysunder Metamagics that increases your mobility and can be used both
defensively and offensively.  Dodge Rolls work similar to other dodge
mods without interrupting your spell charging and allows you to roll in 8
directions.  Just tap your Sprint key to roll forwards.  Moving before
you tap Sprint lets you roll in other directions.  On reaching
Alteration 25, Dodge Rolls are automatically upgraded to Blink which
allows you to teleport short distances, through objects and even works
while casting master spells if you have the magicka.  Perfect for
evading thunderbolts, taxes and your ex-wife.  Blink only works outdoors
and will revert to Dodge Rolls while indoors.

Skysunder Metamagics - Advanced Wards

Wards now provide immunity to frontal physical attacks for the caster but
breaks on a single hit.  Blocking an attack this way also consumes
additional magicka but the overall cost of wards is reduced.  Timing a
ward block right before a physical attack hits will result in a stronger
stagger and disarms smaller weapons.  Wards also reflect spells, shouts
and mean things people say about your mother if cast right before they
hit.  You can direct reflected spells back at their caster or any
unfortunate passersby with some aiming.  If they happen to also have a
ward, it is possible for others to re-reflect the spell back at you like
some kind of spell tennis.  When a ward breaks, nearby NPCs will recoil
from the force of the shattered ward in realization that everything
they said about your mother is true.

Skysunder Metamagics - Elemental Telekinesis

Telekinesis now affects people.  Charge an unlucky grabbed NPC by marinating in
your favorite elemental damage.  The NPC will soon be exploding with
flavor, elemental fury and misery...  Soon after being chucked in the
general direction of their friends - that is.  Everyone loves a reunion.

Skysunder Metamagics - Real Explosions

In line with Skysunder's focus on intuitiveness (and love for explosions),
Fireballs and Destruction Runes now blow away anyone in the blast
radius including the clumsy mage who cast the thing in the first place. 
Don't be that guy.  This also affects exploding people affected by
Elemental Telekinesis - mind where you fling those guys.  Fireballs and
Destruction Runes now take much longer to cast.

Other Changes:

Increased the range of Lightning spells to match those of Fire and Frost.
Ice Spike and Icy Spear projectiles travel twice as fast.
Cloak and armor spells are active only in combat to preserve your shiny complexion after casting a long lasting buff.
Decreased casting time of all master spells.
Fire Storm has lower damage, spell cost and goes through walls.


Skysunder Metamagics uses scripts that are fairly lightweight and most run only
when spells are cast by the player.  Personally, I've experienced no
performance hit with Skysunder Metamagics on a clean install.  Skysunder
Evasion's Dodge Rolls are kind of lag sensitive so you may fail to
dodge roll during combat if you install too many script-based mods but
nothing game breaking.


Skysunder Metamagics

Skyrim SE 1.5.62+
SKSE64 2.0.11+
DienesTools SE

Skysunder Evasion

PapyrusUtil SE

Recommended mods:

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - Unofficial Patch Project Team
Fixes stuff.  Skysunder carries forward changes the Unofficial Patch makes to spells, so SSEEdit may report conflicts.
Since this mod has not received a real update since 2016, there may be some changes that have not been carried forward yet.

Open Cities Skyrim - Arthmoor
Solves some issues with Skysunder Evasion.  Also lets you blow up cities
without having to be actually inside them.  Note that you can't nuke
them from too far away since the game has a hard limit on how far it
would track projectiles.  The rule of thumb is if you can see people in
it, you can hit it.

Realistic Ragdolls and Force (Medium Force) - dDefinder
Tweaks the physics of dead bodies to make them more believable.  I recommend
the Medium Force version as it is most consistent with the high impact
combat of Skysunder.

D13 Faster GET UP STAND UP - DarkAngel13
If you find yourself stunlocking people/blowing yourself up too often for your tastes, this mod will help.

Ultimate HD Fire Effects - BuzzDee84
Fire texture replacer.  Minor visual conflict with the fire cloak which
textures it does not include but otherwise excellently crisp fire

ELECTRIFY - ramccoid
It's like Ultimate HD Fire Effects for shock spells and looks great.

Lightning during Thunder Storms - Minty
Adds oomph to the stormy weather summoned when ultracasting lightning spells.


Skysunder Metamagics should be compatible with anything that doesn't:

  • Modify Aimed Destruction spell durations
  • Alter vanilla spells and explosions (Spell effects are okay)
  • Resize spell nodes/projectiles
  • Change "LastFlattered" and "LastBribedIntimidated" actor values

Compatibility patches will be needed for magnitude/duration scaling and
stagger/knockbacks to work on new spells added by mods.  Other stuff
like spell sharing should work out of the box.  Skysunder Evasion should
be incompatible with other dodge mods, but you never know...

Stuff compatible so far:

  • Ordinator - Compatible.
  • Path of Sorcery - Compatible.
  • Awakened Magicka - Compatible.

Known Issues:

Some spells have variables that are semi-hardcoded and do not respect stuff
like magnitude or area scaling.  A notable example is how Blizzard's
duration and radius do not increase with charge level.

Skysunder Evasion's Blink might clip you through buildings and rocks.  Dodge rolls
might stop working during heavy script load.  (If you can't chain your
blinks without pausing in between, your script load is heavy.)


Toss into your preferred mod manager or unextract archive contents into
Skyrim's directory.  If you have spells equipped in your save, some
features will not work until you unequip them.


Unequip your spells and save in an area where no spellcasting is taking place.  Deactivate in mod manager or remove manually.

Making a compatibility patch for your favorite spell mod:

  1. Open Skysunder Metamagics.esp and your spell mod's .esp in TES5EDIT and add ESM into both their file headers.  Backup and save.
  2. Load both .esp's in the Creation Kit.
  3. Add Skysunder[FF/Conc]<Delivery>Effect to the list of spell effects
  4. for each Player and NPC spell.  It must be the LAST effect. 
    SkysunderFFAimedEffect is for instant beam projectiles (Lightning) while
    SkysunderFFAimedSlowEffect is for missiles and floaty ball things (Ice
    Spike, Calm etc).  For FFAimed* Destruction spells, set duration to 1
    (this is for knockback).  For ConcAimed* Destruction spells, set
    magnitude to 50 if it looks like it would slow an advancing enemy.  For
    Wards to support Advanced Wards, use SkysunderWardEffect instead of
    SkysunderConcSelfEffect.  Save and enjoy.
  5. Too easy.


SkysunderGuy - Skysunder Metamagics (original version for Oldrim)
Bethesda - Skyrim
Dienes - DienesTools
exiledviper and meh321 - PapyrusUtil
Leron9999 - Spell Charging