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A visual replacer for Vilja in Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
Vilja has stood the test of time as one of the best follower mods ever created.
Emma truly created a masterpiece in immersion, design, and voice acting.
I wanted to create my own interpretation of how she might look.
This mod will, of course, require Vilja in Skyrim 
I do not currently play Skyrim Special Edition, so this download should be considered "As Is". The mod works in Legendary Edition.
I have currently switched over to the Special Edition, so there will be better support, and updates will come quicker :)

I have given her a custom face, standalone body with the option of UNP Pinup or CBBE Curvy preset, as well as standalone textures based on Bijin Skin.

Mod is flagged as an ESL so it will not count against your plugin limit.
Optional family replacer is not flagged as an ESL, as it adds too many forms.

Future Plans:

I am planning to overhaul Vilja's entire family, and will update one at a time as I complete them.
The whole family update should come this week. It will be a separate optional file.
Vilja's standalone Family update is live! Next step will be the random NPCs added by the mod xD
The males are using high poly SOS, and as such will most likely require a compatible skeleton.
Thanks to my good friend Dirtnap for creating Tindra's face!

First, install Vilja, then download my replacer with your manager of choice, and let it overwrite everything that it asks to.
(I do not recommend manual installation of anything, ever)

My mod only contains loose files pertaining to Vilja's appearance and a plugin. Simply uninstall with your manager of choice.

Obviously, this mod will be incompatible with anything that edits Vilja's appearance.
I feel like I really need to stress this, unfortunately. ANY MOD THAT MODIFIES VILJA'S APPEARANCE IS NOT COMPATIBLE.
If you enjoy her, I would love to see your screenshots, so feel free to add them :) 

Recommended mods:
CBBE Bodyslided Default Clothes Replacer for Vilja

Pics taken with Silent Horizons ENB