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Replace that ugly courier with a better alternative of your choosing.

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This is a complete makeover and re-upload of an old mod I made. Replace that ugly guy who is constantly bugging you with a better one. Choose from Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Redguard, or Elf versions, using a convenient FOMOD installer.

Uses whatever body and texture options you have installed for males. If you don't have any installed, he will still look...not so good. Use something. ANYTHING. Suggestions down below. They are just that, suggestions. You have plenty of options, choose one.


Safe to install mid-game. Highly recommend a mod manager installation due to the FOMOD mechanism that allows you to make a choice. I do NOT recommend manual installation of this, as you will probably just stuff things up.


Can be un-installed at any time with your mod manager. Get bored with the one you picked? Uninstall and choose another. If you are one of those that choose not to listen to reason and manually installed the mod, remove Courier.esp and Courier.bsa.


Q: All options look like the same face, waaaaa?
A: On purpose. So I wouldn't get endless requests to put x face option with y race type, cause I just really like x face type. They are technically all still Nords, to keep from having issues with save games.

Q: NOT lore friendly ex. your elf doesn't have brow ridges, alien eyes, etc.
A: I destroy lore-mongers wherever I find them.

Q: Can I get x,y,z, etc. option?


Do whatever


Ks Hairdos
The Glenlivet

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