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- zEdit patcher
- Rebalanced prices based on 16th century Europe
- Semi-realistic item weights

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Q: What is this mod?
A: This is basically a merged, rebalanced and rebuilt from scratch version of my old mods True Medieval Economy and True Realistic Item Weights

Q: How is it different technically?
A: TME and TRIW relied on xEdit and MXPF. TRE is using zEdit which is the most up-to-date solution for Skyrim patchers.
Also, TRE doesn't require any loose files - this is just a patcher. So I can keep a single mod page both for LE and SE.

Q: How do I build the patch?
A: Instructions are in the sticky post.

Q: How is it different conceptually?
A: TME idea was that Skyrim's economy should be based on the Late Medieval Europe (13th-14th century).
However, as years go, I immersed myself in Tamriel lore and started to realize that Skyrim is more of a Renaissance-era country (16th century).
The reasons for this are:
- Huge standing armies with full-time professional soldiers (Legion, Stormcloaks), not feudal militia
- No real feudal system with knights and lords, nobility are just powerful men, not involved in a complex senior/vassal system.
- Peasants are free, we don't see any evidence of serfdom
- Armor is mass-produced, so it is basically "munition armor"
- While there are no firearms, their role is basically taken by powerful spells

Q: How is it different in terms of game balance?
A: TME wasn't a well balanced mod. A septim was very cheap, and you were basically swimming in coins - while this didn't really break the economy as lots of users (mistakenly) complained, this still wasn't really a good solution.
Also, there were numerous bugs with crime bounties etc.
TRE changes much less things than TME, and there is also no need to change value of a septim - so you will feel like you are playing vanilla game, but everything simply makes more sense.

Q: Is TRE compatible with mods like Coins of Tamriel?
A: Yes! Actually I recommend you to use it or any of alternatives.

Q: What is this beautiful art you uploaded?
A: This is a painting of Spanish soldiers by Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau

Q: What are the exact changes made by TRE?
A: Food is much cheaper.
Clothing is more expensive.
All items are reweighted in lbs.
Weapons are lighter.
Jewelry is much lighter.
Numerous "misc" items are re-weighted.
You are getting less carryweight bonus when improving your stamina level (by 1 lb vs 5 points in vanilla).

TRE doesn't change racial initial carryweight stats.
However, I recommend you to keep your carryweight between 100 and 135 lbs.
This is what US marines typically carry.
You can use any mods or simply a console command "player.modav carryweight".

Medieval Price List
Eilzabethan Cost of Living
Daily Life in Elizabethan England, 2nd Edition