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Overhauls the Penitus Oculatus Outpost in Dragon Bridge to a small stronghold instead of a single shack.

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This mod replaces the Penitus Oculatus Outpost's single shack in vanilla Skyrim with a small stronghold. This includes a courtyard with several members training, a scout on the southern ridge and a blacksmith. Inside, the vanilla interior has been overhauled to represent the new exteriors architecture with a separate room for Commander Maro, a larger eating area, a larger sleeping area (that becomes usable if you destroy the DB) and an Enchanters room. NPC's are currently on simple repeated actions without organised routines as of yet. Everything is fully navmeshed and I have tested the quests relevant to the location. It is recommended to install the Unoffical SSE patch though it is not a required for the mod to work. 

1.2 Expands the interior and changes and expands the exterior while making the layout more organised and realistic. The store room is currently locked and will remain that way until I can figure out how to add the Key as a reward for completing the quest Destroy the Dark Brotherhood.

1.2.1 Makes the exterior less rocky and fixes some of the environmental mistakes.

1.2.2 More environment fixes, clutter and replaced the blacksmith with a stables.