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Immerse yourself with meals that now provide prolonged benefits, separate to alchemy effects. A full adventurer is a happy adventurer.

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All food effects last for 8 in-game hours, or 24 real world minutes.
(Time is not displayed in the food item's descriptions to save readability.)

A quick mod I made for /u/256kmodel that makes food more immersive.

No longer can you eat 100 wheels of cheese in a pinch. Restore Stat effects on food items have been replaced by Fortify Stat effects that stack with potions and enchanted gear, but not themselves.

E.g. If you eat a Chicken Dumpling for +20 to Health and Stamina with +80% Health Regeneration, then eat Cooked Beef for +25 Health, you will keep the highest values for the next 8 hours in-game: +25 Health, +20 Stamina, and +80% Health Regeneration.
Furthermore, a Fortify Health potion will stack with these effects, whereas it would not have simply replaced them in Vanilla.

In short: Food effects and Alchemy affects are separated.

In order to get the food benefits, you will need to cook something up, as most raw food no longer provides any effects when consumed.  

Food mostly follows the following rules, with some exceptions to retain effects similar to the Vanilla game.
Health is affected by Meat, Bread, and Cheese.
Stamina is affected by Vegetables.
Magicka is affected by Fruit or Sugary foods.

All changes displayed and organised in this Google Doc
(slightly messy, was originally just for planning purposes)

Mealtime only changes food items, and food related magic effects.
Load this mod after any mod that changes food.

-Beyond Skyrim: Bruma compatible via patch.
-Dawn of Skyrim compatible via patch.

-Immersive Needs compatible via alternate file. <- Recommended
-Survival mode compatible via Vonbalt's Patches found here.
-Realistic Needs and Diseases compatible via alternate file.

-USSEP compatible by default.

Food added by other mods will use the vanilla system.

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