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A waterwalking enchantment for boots, rings, and necklaces, with pre-enchanted gear distributed among the game's levelled lists.Follower-friendly and Frostfall-ready. (ESPFE)

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The enchantment on Ahzidal's Boots of Waterwalking is interesting and useful, so it's kind of a waste that it can't be learned through disenchantment. There are a couple of waterwalking enchantments here on the Nexus, but they tend to be incomplete: they'll often just throw down a pair of boots with the enchantment on them somewhere in Dragonreach. So I've decided to publish my own solution – based on Bloody Beagle's implementation – that allows us to make boots, rings, and necklaces of waterwalking.

  • Obviously, this waterwalking enchantment will let you go for a jog in the Sea of Ghosts, if that strikes your fancy. Moreover, followers with waterwalking gear equipped will be able to join you, though any NPC using the usual pathfinding AI won't follow you past the shore, due to a lack of navmeshing. This means running out to sea will be an effective way to escape a horde of bandits.
  • Wherever you would normally find boots of muffling in a dungeon, bandit fort, or somebody's house, you'll now start finding boots of waterwalking from which you can learn the spell for yourself. A pre-enchanted ring and necklace of waterwalking have also been added to random loot lists, so you might find one in some schmuck's pockets.
  • I've added Frostfall keywords to the new boots of waterwalking, consistent with their unenchanted counterparts.
  • Finally, this mod's plugin is an ESPFE that won't take up a normal slot in your load order. Because I'm not so self-important as to gobble up space you could be using for more waifu mods.

This mod should be widely compatible with just about everything, with only the usual caveat that you'll need to generate a bashed/smashed/merged patch if any other mods change the same levelled lists.