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A port of Arduunos' latest update, Solitude and Temple Frescoes adds painted frescoes to the Temple of the Divines in Solitude and other Temples and Halls of the Dead.

Permissions and credits
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I am aware that Arduunos has an official port of Solitude and Temple Frescoes, however, its several years out-of-date compared to its LE counterpart, despite being a higher "version." According to him, he is no longer supporting SE as he no longer plays it, but has open permissions to port it. If or when he turns his attention to SE in the future, I'll take this down. For any questions, please direct them to the original author. 

For those unaware, this is a small and simple mod that adds painted frescoes from the Witcher games to the dreary Temple of the Divines in Solitude for some much needed color. Optionally, they can be seen at other sacred locations. Each Divine's alcove is now decorated with a fresco that Arduunos thought best illustrates that Divine's particular domain or personality. The frescoes have a nice 3-D effect that is easier to see in-game than in screenshots, so I recommend downloading and seeing how you like it in person, or checking out the videos below. 

To be brief, the port that Arduunos maintains only has frescoes. This port, as of 1.3:
  • Added new stained glass lanterns and shrine bases to their relevant god shrines wherever they appear.
  • Added religious art to locations missed in the original mod, like the Hall of the Vigilant and wilderness shrines. 
  • Optional mosaic re-texture to turn the painted frescoes into tiled mosaics instead.

After this point is as posted on the Solitude and Temple Frescoes LE page:

(Thank you to fickji and DonProtein for the videos! There are from the 1.0 and 1.1 versions of the mod.)

Installation & Options

To install, just download one of the following files:

Temple Frescoes - Complete

This file covers every single temple, shrine, hall of the dead, and place of worship in Skyrim and Solstheim -- including wilderness shrines. It adds new painted frescoes to the temples and places of worship, new stained glass shrine bases where they appear under shrines, and new stained glass lanterns replacing lanterns inside shrines or holy places. A few new lanterns and shrine bases were added where appropriate. Two shrine bases were left untouched because it seemed unlikely their worshipers would be able to buy Imperial Cult votives. Finally, all shrine bases should react appropriately to Civil War changeovers.

Temple Frescoes - Complete (No Lanterns)
The same as the above except the lanterns above the shrines in the Solitude temple were removed.

Temple Frescoes - Solitude Only
This is similar to the main file, but only touches the Temple of the Divines in Solitude. Each Divine's alcove is decorated with a painted fresco depicted some aspect of that Divine, a stained glass shrine base depicting that Divine, and a stained glass lantern doing the same. No other cells were touched.

Temple Frescoes - Solitude Only (No Lanterns)
The same as about except without the lanterns above the shrines in the Solitude temple were removed.

Optional File - Temple Mosaics
This optional file will work with either of the two main files, as long as you load it after them in your MO mod list or Vortex sorting rules. It replaces the painted fresco textures with glass mosaic versions of them instead. You can see this in action in the Images Tab above.

Optional File - No Stained Glass

For the life of me, I couldn't get my Creation Kit to open this esp and re-save it, so if you're looking for JUST the frescoes and no worldspace edits, I direct you to the Arduunos' official port which is the previous iteration of this mod.

This should be compatible with most mods, excluding ones doing the exact same thing (editing temples/shrines). If you are concerned about the extra world and cell edits, feel free to use the "Solitude Only" version of the file. New shrine bases and lanterns use your installed shrine and lantern textures.

Should be perfectly compatible with Jaxonz Positioner if you want to duplicate and grab the frescoes to put them wherever you want. They have bare plaster around the edges, though, so you might want to choose your locations to frame them nicely. This can also be used to resize and move around the default frescoes if the slight clipping bothers you at all.

Permissions, Credits, Recommendations

Use this however you want in a free mod, as long as you link to this page, give credit to me and all contributors below.
You cannot use this in a paid mod, ever.


201 Stained Glass Lanterns by SrRamrod and Mikeynexus for the stained glass textures and lantern mesh.
Shrine Base by SrRamrod for the shrine base mesh.
Modders Resource Pack - Witcher Extension by Oaristys for the conversions.
CD Projekt for the originals.
The Witcher meshes and textures are owned and copyrighted by CD Projekt and used with permission.
The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved.

Mods Used in Screenshots:
Rens HD Shrines
Fire and Storm ENB
Personal retexture mods I've been working on.

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