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Check out my new decoration mod: Nordic Wallbaskets

After installing the v3.2 FOMod, be sure to install one of the v3.2.1 updates to match your chosen configuration. The v3.2.1 updates should fix the problem of floating/falling items in the Windhelm marketplace. Once I have some feedback that this fix is working for other people (not just me) I will re-issue the full FOMod. If you coc to windhelmmarketplaceexterior, all the items will still fly off the shelves. So don't do's

Added a small file with 3 missing meshes for poles that hold lanterns in some locations.

Added optional new meshes to allow all fixed lanterns to glow instead of turn off during daytime. This will affect lanterns placed outside for inns, stables, blacksmiths, Jarl's houses, etc.
v3.2.1 All core ESPs have been edited to fix the floating items problem in the Windhelm marketplace.
The patch for Weissadler's Hamlet has been reissued to fix some errors and remove a few dirty edits.
The full FOMod will not be re-uploaded until I have some feedback that the Windhelm marketplace fix is working for others (not just me).

v3.2 The mod now has a full FOMod installer, thanks to help from the amazing missjennabee (of ETaC fame). Over 30 patches are available for various city, town, building and quest mods, including the "Dawn of Skyrim" series (made for kiwifruitxx in return for all the help). Now USLEEP compatible.

If you need or want to use lots of the patches then I strongly suggest you use the incredible MergePlugins by MatorTheEternal. His work revolutionises Skyrim modding. My current gamebuild has over 930 mods and 650 plugins merged down to just 180 thanks to him.

As ever, let me know of any problems or patch requests.


This is a collection of 201 designs of stained glass lantern that can be crafted in-game and placed around the home, campsite, or anywhere else you might desire.

Each lantern has 6 levels of lighting (7 if you include "off") with radii of 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048 and Glow. Brightness also increases with radius.

Each lantern casts light of a colour corresponding to its stained glass colour (blue glass casts blue light etc.), with low or high saturation depending on the colour density of the lantern glass.

Options are available for shadowed and unshadowed light sources, and craftable or non-craftable (for console-crafters who would prefer not to clutter their crafting menu with 201 more recipes).

The v3.x release represents what the mod would/should have been from the start, if I'd known how to do what I needed to. Lanterns are still craftable and the mod - as always - can be used for home decoration. However, it now includes an extensive treasure hunt, and has lanterns and fixtures distributed in loot and vendor leveled lists. In v3.x, all the lanterns placed on signs and buildings switch on/off automatically at dusk/dawn. Switching times for lanterns vary from area to area to give them some sense of uniqueness, with some lanterns switching on as early as 1700HRS and others as late as 2100HRS.

If you just want the lanterns for yourself, not placed all over Skyrim, open the mnsglanterns.esp in TES5Edit and delete the entire "Cell" and "Worldspace" entries.

All 201 lanterns (and all fixtures) can be picked up in the qasmoke cell (open the console, type "coc qasmoke") in a custom-made lantern container (look around; you can't miss it once you get there).

Lighting Options

All lanterns can be set to Off - Glow - Level 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - and then Off again. By default, light sources are omnidirectional and cast no shadows.
An optional ESP is available that makes all lanterns cast shadows. This is not recommended but is included as an option for people who are serious about home decoration and know the limitations of shadowed lights.

Texture Options and Designing Your Own Textures

Lanterns from #178-200 use marble or oil patterns that are fairly generic. I did this deliberately so that players can use these lanterns to add their own designs without losing any of the original designs. To fit the lanterns properly, your textures will need an aspect ratio of 1:1.6 but there is a special requirement for added sidebars so that the lantern frame doesn't cut off the image. Here is my normal workflow:

  1. Set image size to 1000x1600 (or 500x800 if your source texture is small)
  2. Draw/design the image exactly as you want it to appear on the lantern
  3. Resize to a square texture (usually 1024x1024 or 512x512). I found that when I left my textures in 1:1.6 many of them failed to display, showing only as white.
  4. Add side bars by increasing width by ~23%. 1024x1024 becomes 1260x1024, 512x512 becomes 630x512. This has been tweaked to match the lantern meshes so the whole image is visible. Make the side bars black.
  5. You will need a "regular" and a "reversed" version of each texture because of the way the animated lanterns work when switched on. I recommend studying some of the included textures as examples if you are unsure of what I mean.
All texture options for the frames of the lanterns are now included in the FOMod.

Please Don't Steal the Lanterns - Or - Be Careful When Treasure Hunting

New in v2.0 is a major treasure hunt ranging across all of Skyrim available within the Vanilla game plus the DLCs. There are (I think) at least 2 of each lantern scattered about the world you can safely pick up. Many are in interior spaces (dungeons, homes, etc.) but there should be at least 1 of every lantern in outdoor/wilderness areas. These range from being easily visible to EXTREMELY hard to find. Several are underwater. At least 2 are partially buried. Many will be hard to find even if you know which game cells they are in. Enjoy. ;)

Because the lanterns have also been added as decorations, you need to be careful when treasure-hunting for them. Many people may not like the way I have arranged the lanterns around towns and homes, so to help them I have made sure that most lanterns will not respawn if you take them.

Because lantern handling is managed by a script, the normal theft rules do not apply to them, so if someone owns a lantern you will probably not be warned about taking it. Just remember that if it feels like you're stealing someone's lantern, you probably are, and that lantern will not respawn.

Similarly, sometimes when you find or craft a lantern the game interface may say "Steal" instead of "Take"; this is just a limitation of the object handling script and you can freely take any lantern without suffering a "theft" penalty.

It is certainly possible to find (almost) all the lanterns without stealing any.

#150 is a special lantern that cannot be bought (it can be crafted) or found as loot and only exists in one instance throughout all of Skyrim. If you want to "collect" it you will have to steal it but there's no normal theft penalty so,'s your conscience. True collectors will be satisfied with making the pilgrimage to see it.

Other Notes

* It is highly recommended that you use Jaxonz Positioner to place the lanterns, because it is totally awesome. Once the lanterns have been placed, touch (Activate) them once to lock them in place. They can be moved after this, but will not respond to gravity. Touch (Activate) them again to cycle through their light settings.

* If you are not using Jaxonz Positioner, you MUST move and place the lanterns BEFORE locking them. This is because the lanterns will follow their own script once they are locked, which means that the normal "grab" command (hold-Activate) will pick them up and place them in your inventory.

* Whether or not you are using Jaxonz Positioner, once you return a lantern to your inventory it can be dropped and placed again normally, returning to its unlocked state.

* Moving a lit lantern does not move the light source; you need to cycle through the on/off settings to put the light back on the lantern's new location.

* If you are using iActivate the "Take or Lock" interface message will be truncated to "or Lock".

Patches and Updates

Be careful to install patches in the same order as their Masters or you will get odd results as a few of the patches may interfere with each other (eg.; running all 3 Darkwater mods and their patches).

MANY patches are now available. Let me know if you want more.

To credit other hard-working mod authors, here is a full list of available patches:

Expanded towns and cities v13.x complete and modular by missjennabee. I will patch for v14 one day, but it's a LOT of work for something I'm not using yet so don't wait up.
Dawn of Skyrim complete and modular by BluePianoTwo
Falskaar by AlexanderJVelicky
Immersive College of Winterhold by Grantyboy050
Darkwater Crossing by Arthmoor
ClefJ's Darkwater Crossing by ClefJ
Forestway Reststop by Moirai
Gavrostead by The3 Duk3
Hunter's Cabin of Riverwood original by Okiir, V2 by Crack23extended by UV777
Ruus Qiiv by Dave0523
Signs of Skyrim by Autan Waspeez
Mystical Illumination Glowing Signs (Signs of Skyrim version only) by EvilDeadAsh34
Northern Bathhouses by dourdendevire
Showers in Inns by Jokerine
Solitude Public Bathhouse by Zuzmoo
Solitude Reborn by reindeer51, captainswoop and brytag
Shezrie's Old Hroldan Town Ver 2.0 by Shezrie
Weissadler's Hamlet by Spankovski
Western Watchtower Hamlet by Dhomnick
Whiterun Archery Pro Shop by Six6Star

Patches for no-crafting and shadowed lights are available. These are replacer ESPs to reduce load order clutter.

The patch for Hunters Cabin of Riverwood adds lantern #187 to the bottom of the stairs leading up to the cabin from Riverwood, as these can be hard to see at night, especially with ETaC Riverwood and darker nights. Because it only adds a lantern to the exterior it can be used with any version of HCoR.

The patch for Weissadler's Hamlet uses lantern #198 for the hamlet's symbol.

Future Plans

Some custom-built and much more attractive fittings and fixtures for home decorators. But don't wait up for it ;)
Make fixed/placed lanterns use separate meshes that don't have the "take or lock" message.
Make fixed/placed lanterns swing in the wind, and move when bumped, similar to those in ICROL.


1) Why didn't you just use texture sets? There are like 800 meshes in this thing!

True, but the meshes are tiny (~50kb each). Firstly, I wanted separate meshes because some people might like to customise particular lanterns with different base metal textures, glow intensity or other settings, without having to go through the Creation Kit. Secondly, I could not get the Glow setting to work with texture sets, so I decided not to use them at all.

2) Your textures suck/Can I make my own textures?

Absolutely! I'd love to see more talented people make special texture sets. Just credit this mod when you release them.

3) I want to tweak one tiny little setting for my lighting setup but don't want to do it for 600 meshes.

See the section on Tweaking and Regenerating Meshes below.

4) Why oh why 201 lanterns???

That's just what happens when you let people with OCD make mods.

Tweaking and Regenerating Meshes - Advanced users only

You will need a reasonable knowledge of nifskope to do this! Mind you, I did it and my knowledge of nifskope is pretty basic...

Everybody has different preferences for their lighting setup, and although actual light sources must be edited in the Creation Kit, there are certain characteristics of the lanterns that can be set from within their meshes. For example, you may want to make the glass completely opaque so you can't see the flame animation, or you may want to raise or lower the amount of glow in the Glowing lanterns. You may even want to change the size of the lanterns if you want pocket-sized versions.

Rather than edit all 800 standard lantern meshes to make these changes, I have added a small utility program that allows you to make changes to one mesh (mnsg000*.nif) of each type (Off, Lock, Glow, and On) and then regenerate all the other meshes based on the #000 mesh. This programme is now included in the default download package.

* Place the executable in the same folder as the ESP. If you don't, it will ask you where the meshes are.

* You can choose which meshes (Off, Lock, Glow, and On) to regenerate. If you only want to tweak the "On" meshes, you only need to regenerate those meshes.
* Once you start regeneration, ALL meshes from #001 to #200 will be changed to match the #000 mesh. Mesh #150 is unique and is not affected.

* ONLY the 000 mesh of each type can be used as a base. If you want to make your tweaks to a different lantern to see the effect better you will need to rename the textures you want to use  to "" etc., and then make your adjustments.

* On regeneration, all references within the mesh to textures "mnsg000*.dds" will be altered to "mnsg[xyz]*.dds, so if you are fiddling with textures, make sure that when it comes time to regenerate you have set ALL textures in the #000 mesh back to "mnsg000*.dds".


This mod is a testament to the effectiveness of Cargo Cult Programming and would have been impossible without the amazing work of brilliant people.

The lantern meshes and candle animation were originally created by
SrRamrod as a modder's resource. Their operation is WAY over my head and he was very supportive of my efforts to get this mod out. The first 11 lanterns use his original designs, out of respect for his work.

Mentilreq's fantastic mod "Lanterns and Candles" was a great inspiration for this mod. My sequential activation script is based on his work (but heavily modified).

Lantern #150 is based on the TARDIS meshes and textures from TwistingVortex's freely available resources. Without his work, my TARDIS would have been a blue box.

Hold symbol vector illustrations are from the artist's resources by Polykobus.

Magic school symbols are from the resource by jeclxohko.

Shadow Marks were drawn by me and are free to use. Other images were carefully sourced from public domain resources or from my own photographs collected when travelling in Europe.

Images of the Nine Divines are from the Elder Scrolls Wikia. Other factional/commercial patterns are drawn by me based on default Skyrim signs.

The image used for butchers' lanterns is "The Slaughtered Ox" by Rembrandt, in the Louvre.

Great thanks are due to MissJennaBee, the creator of Expanded Towns and Cities, for her help in creating the ETaC patches and the FOMod installer.

Thanks to all the great modders who let me make patches for their mods, and for the support and encouragement they offered me.

Shameless Promotion of my Other Mods

Seasonally/locationally adjusted daylight hours with realistic noon-sun height: Daylight Hours

A monumental carved wooden portal for Dragonsreach: Nordic Carving - Great Portal of Dragonsreach


I drew on the work of those listed above; if you want to publish something that uses these resources you will need to credit this mod, as well as the original authors listed in the credits.

You don't need to ask permission to release your own textures for use with this mod, but please credit this mod as inspiration, and let me know because I'd like to see them!

Changes and Revisions

V3.2: Fixed the bug that set any lantern to #000 when picked up whilst switched to light level 5. Added a FOMod installer with MANY new patches. Went through the main ESP and patches line-by-line to remove every undesirable or accidental edit.

V3.1: An ESP update that fixes a problem with floating items in the Windhelm market. Also fixes a few lanterns in Whiterun that were failing to activate. Adds a couple of lanterns that I missed the first time around.

V3.0: What started as a minor revision turned into a major redesign. Lanterns are now available for bards, fisheries, butchers, blacksmiths, fletchers, shops, taverns, the Nine Divines, and bath houses (3 versions - nude, clothed and Hunky). Lanterns have been placed on buildings and many signs and these will switch on/off at dusk/dawn. These switching lanterns cannot be moved or activated as normal lanterns can despite what the game interface shows when you approach them; if you don't like them you will have to disable them or edit the mod yourself.

V2.1: With sincere apologies, a hotfix has been uploaded for everyone who has already downloaded v2.0 to fix some non-working fixtures. You can either download the whole thing again in v2.1 or just download the hotfix and overwrite the meshes and default ESP that it replaces. If you were using one of the optional ESPs, download and install the hotfix, then download and install the v2.1 ESP of your choice.

V.2.0: 50 new lantern designs have been added, many of them factional and commercial (alchemist, blacksmith, etc.). Lanterns #173-200 are fairly simple and are intended to be customised by the player.
Lanterns have also been distributed across Skyrim as decorations and a large-scale treasure hunt. See the later section "Please Don't Steal the Lanterns" for more information.
I have also added craftable/buyable fixtures such as hooks, wall mounts and ropes. Just set and forget. These fittings are also available as static items in the creation kit for modders.

v.1.1: Thanks to some great input from early users, lanterns are now available in general stores and loot. They use the same leveled lists as jewelery, so they will still be rare at low levels and their value is high due to the gems required for their crafting.