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An alternate version of TDN's antlers tweaked and readjusted to look like the ones from The Elder Scrolls Online/Morrowind.

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^Many thanks to Slothability for the video above^

Stay tuned for more Bosmeri stuff in the near future!

Bosmeri Antlers is merely the first stepping stone. Trust me.

I was probably one of the very few to ever pick the Wood Elf with the 'nubs' on his forehead in Morrowind.

You remember those don't you?


What happened to the horny Wood Elves I had come to love..?

It took them twelve years but they were reintroduced in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Only this time with a bit more elegance. 
"A lot of Bosmer wear cosmetic, or prosthetic, antlers on their brows. A very few have them magically grown from their skulls." - ZOS_AmeliaR

This mod is merely the antlers from TDN's Equippable Horns tweaked and readjusted to look more like those from The Elder Scrolls Online.

Given their elven nature they needed to look a bit more...fluid.

Instead of sticking out the top and growing forward, they now run along the top/side of his/her head backward like those from ESO.

Many, many thanks to TheDNightshade for the original model(s) and idea (as well as the things I learned in the process).

Feedback not only welcomed but really appreciated.

This is entirely a learning process and me just sharing things along the way and it could honestly evolve into more Bosmer related mods.

HOW TO OBTAIN (Only for Bosmer) :

Create a character and browse through the "scars" selections until you find it.
I made it a "scar" so that it would allow for other hairstyles. 

Equip Version: Head over to a forge with a set of 'small antlers' to craft them.
They are technically a circlet and use their slot (for now!).

(Also do you guys think they should be a bit smaller?)

I intend to further the Bosmer presence in Skyrim (refugees from the Great War perhaps?) and their lore in the game altogether.
From books, to certain...rituals, quests, npcs (and even a small clan and their own little village??)

...In time.