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Patch for Interesting NPC's and Imperious - Races of Skyrim.

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The purpose of this patch is to scale the negative health offset Interesting NPC's gives some of it's NPC's to Imperious' modified values. If left alone, some of the new NPC's will spawn with negative health and will be effectively dead on spawn. 40 NPC's were identified and adjusted.

There's already a great mod out there for this bug by Murielkai, linked here, that fixes this trouble for all mods by reverting Imperious' health on certain races to vanilla values. I personally wanted to keep Imperious' health values, so I made this patch for myself. A major difference between this patch and Murielkai's is that only the NPC's that I've identified will be affected, vs the entire race group.

The plugin is an .esp flagged as esl, so it won't take any extra space in your load order. Be sure to load after 3DNPC.esp. Imperious isn't technically a requirement (not a Master), but there's no point to this without it.

In my testing, a new game was required to have the patch take effect.