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Originally made in 2013 this mod filled the land of Skyrim with multiple lore friendly small homes and individuals for the Dragonborn to come across on their travels; perfect for Survival Mode CC and Frostfall users. Now ported to Special Edition!

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Corners of Skyrim

Corners of Skyrim was originally created and uploaded by alaken in 2013 and has yet to see a update or port to SE until now. My work only seeks to bring over CoS to SE and fix or improve things where needed for others to enjoy a mod I find nostalgic and enjoyable.

Corners of Skyrim fills out the land of Skyrim with multiple small structures and ruins for you to take shelter in or even call home during your adventures. Included with the structures are crafting benches, beds, fireplaces and safe storage depending on which structure it is; each are unique. Each structure also comes with a individual living there with each being protected, follower ready, marriageable, unique in fighting style, race and appearance.

The Locations

Plainwatch - A hunters retreat standing between Riverwood and Whiterun that overlooks both locations with breathtaking rooftop views; home to the Breton Hunter known as Nanna.

Ghostrise Hearth - A small open air cabin with a flair towards the magical that rests near Falkreath; home to the Redguard Witch known as Minerva.

Raisegrave Hillock - A open air structure with additional lean to that rests in in the northern Plains of Whiterun; home to the Necromancer known as Magnus Tacitus

Twinsrest - A seaside home with a hand made feel that rests under the shadow of Solitude; home to the Nord Berserker known as Snar The Stout Twin

Thaw Forge - A frozen workshop with interior that lies to the west of Windhelm; home to the Orc Warrior known as Bul gra-Shura

Ale N' Tale Inn Ruins - A abandoned and crumbling Inn now open to the elements that lies below the large waterfall emptying from the Whiterun River; home to the Khajiit Brawler known as Hanushi

Grayfall - A open air river side stilt home that rests on the river flowing south of Windhelm; home to the Argonian Spellsword known as Knows-Sky-Height