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Updated now with 7 different options to begin your journey when using Alternate Start - Live Another Life alongside Beyond Skyrim: Bruma!

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This mod extends the Arthmoor's Alternate Start mod to include locations from Beyond Skyrim: Bruma. After choosing to start from Cyrodill when speaking to the statue of Mara, you will be presented with the seven additional lore friendly choices through the added dialogue options.


Start your journey in Bruma by deciding on your path and role:

Leisure Path:
  • A well-off patron staying at the Jerall View Inn dressed in the popular Colovian fur outfit, opportunities awaits you as the large amount of gold you inherited from your family will surely come in handy on your travels.
  • An aspiring student of the arcane arts who wish to attain greater knowledge by paying pilgrimage to the well-known Synod headquarters, you have finally arrived at the city of Bruma with your trusty staff, scrolls, and spelltomes at your side.
Warrior's Path:
  • A typical adventurer who wish to bring glory and fame to their name, you have decided to venture off into your first ever adventure at the Ayleid Ruins with ample supplies and equipment.
  • A disgruntled Bruma guard stationed at the Eastern Watchtower outfitted with the standard issued armor from the lord and the meager sum of gold you labored for over the years you have been in service.
  • An Imperial soldier currently stationed at Fort Pale Pass who has just been tasked to report to General Tuilius in Solitude and find out more on the situation of the Civil War that has engulfed the holds of Skyrim.
Perilous Path:
  • A tragic Talos worshipper attempting to escape the dreaded pursuit of Thalmor Justicars, you are left hiding at the Hjalti's Refuge with nothing left but your ragged-tagged robes, a measly few coins, and your beloved Talos amulet.
  • A courier who has just been attacked by the local bandits and left for dead with all his possessions taken, you have a tough road ahead of you even if you make it back to the city alive.


  • Install both Beyond Skyrim: Bruma SE and Alternate Start.
  • Install either the ESPFE/ESL-flagged or the ESP version (only choose 1) of this mod and place Alternate Start - Bruma.esp below the plugins from the above two mods in your load order.


  • Delete Alternate Start - Bruma.esp and Alternate Start - Bruma.bsa from your data folder or,
  • Remove using your preferred mod manager


This mod makes no changes to the requisite mods nor any vanilla game files. All scripts and changes are self-contained within the included esp and bsa files. There should not be any conflicts or incompatibilities.


Although this is by no means a complex add-on, it is nonetheless my first attempt in creating a mod and tinkering with scripts so somethings probably could have been done in much simpler ways for all I know. However, I have checked multiple times to ensure everything should work as intended. Hope you enjoy this mod!

Credit and thanks to Arthmoor and The Beyond Skyrim - Cyrodill Development Team for their mods which makes this possible.