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Wield the power of Apocrypha's Seekers! This mod adds Seeker Drain and Knowledge Drain as spells usable by the player.

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> description
Wield the power of Apocrypha's Seekers! This mod adds Seeker Drain and Knowledge Drain as Destruction spells usable by the player. Spell tomes for these two spells have a chance of dropping as death items for Seekers, High Seekers, and Seeker Aspirants.
Seeker Drain: Absorb 5 points of magicka, health, and stamina from the target per second for 10 seconds.
Knowledge Drain: Damage the target's health and magicka by 50 points.

Spell damage amounts will scale with your skill level and perks.

> compatibility
The only vanilla record this mod edits is DLC2DeathItemSeeker. Any mod that also makes changes to that record will be incompatible without a patch. SSEEdit is an easy way to check for conflicts.
Compatible with mods that add new spells such as Apocalypse and Spectraverse.
Compatible with Ordinator. 

> installation
Just install normally with your mod manager of choice or unzip the file and drop the .esp in your Data folder. It's marked as an ESL-flagged-ESP or however you put it, so it won't take up a slot in your load order. Yippee.

> notes
The sound effects for Knowledge Drain are a lot quieter than other spell sounds. I tried to adjust this but I can't really do much about it. Not sure why. :/
The magicka cost for the two spells might be a bit high depending on your level and what perks you have in Destruction. This is to make up for their power. At Destruction level 100 + some perks/enchantments, I think you'll find that it'll be reasonable. However I have not done extensive testing on balance and may adjust things in the future.
If you notice any issues, have suggestions, or want to request a patch for another mod, feel free to drop a comment and I'll do what I can.