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Combined and updated versions of Daedric and Divine Cloaks. Includes fixes and support for WACCF and Survival.

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Divine and Daedric Cloaks

This started off as me making a few tweaks for cloaks because I am OCD and thought texture sets would be more efficient, but then going through the file and records I found a few other issues that needed fixing, including not being updated to Form 44 and an incorrect texture dimension. It then led to adding support for WACCF and Survival.

The main plug-in includes the crafting recipes and distributes cloaks to some NPCs. Went through all NPC distributed cloaks and only put them on NPCs that wouldn't have too much clipping. This means no actors with long monk robes are wearing cloaks. A patch for Armor and Clothing Extended is available for Vigilants of Stendarr.

Location plug-in is esp FE and places cloaks in all the same areas as the original plug-in. Removed all ITMs. No dead bodies are wearing cloaks because the created NPCs were not in the original Location plug-ins, but in the NPC plug-ins. Instead, cloaks were placed at those coordinates.

Original mods not required! But please go to their respective pages and download/endorse them to support the original creator! 

  • Updated to use texture sets and all share the same mesh!
  • All records updated to Form 44
  • Auriel Cloak texture had incorrect dimension size and has been fixed (was potential CTD)
  • Support for WACCF and Survival Mode (not required!)
  • Optional Location plug-in and patches use esp FE and will not take up a spot in your load order!


Divine Cloaks and Daedric Cloaks were created by LogisticsOfBreath
Original Cloak mesh created by Nikinoodles for Cloaks of Skyrim