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A simple Thievery Quest......or is it?

Converted and uploaded Honoring the permissions given by Merte
on the original upload page.

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I did NOT create this mod. I merely converted Merte's Original Work for Skyrim Special Edition.

All characters are fully voiced. Running a few errands for the merchant Angus McMiller results in a quest of deceit, revenge and treasure. Shoplift from stores in Solitude, steal from a bandit chief and slay an ancient vampire lord.

Also see the new extension mod; McMiller Chronicles Extra: The Fangs Of Baan Dar

Check out "A Few Minor Tweaks to Merte's The McMiller Chronicles SE" by BloomandGloom


- All characters are fully voiced (4 characters).
- Books to read.
- 2 dungeons.
- A large boss fight.
- A vicious beast.
- Treasure!


Enter the Winking Skeever in Solitude and talk to Angus McMiller to start the quest.



- Angus McMiller
- Grinnwirr
- Zamon
- Lubbs
- The Voice

- Ulf the Night Watch


- The writer of the story "Blood and Rain" featured in the mod (Grinnwirr's book collection)



First of all: Make sure your Skyrim installation is up to date.

Q: Angus is in the Winking Skeever, but he doesn't talk to me.
A: Save your game with the mod loaded (a quick save should be sufficient). Then quit the game to desktop. Then start the game again, and load up the save you just created. Hopefully, he should talk to you now.

Q: The mod doesn't install when I hit the Subscribe button.
A: Some times Steam refuses to install mods. You can also get The McMiller Chronicles from Skyrim Nexus:
You can either install the mod with their manager for Skyrim, or manually. To install the mod manually, downlaod the zip archive containing the mod. Then extract the two files into your skyrim\data folder. Make sure that The McMiller Chronicles is activated in the Data manager (click "Data" from Skyrim's game launcher) before you start the game.

Q: The game crashes when I enter a specific place.
A: There may be a conflict with another mod. If another mod occupies the same world space as The McMiller Chronicles, the game may crash. Try deactivating other mods that add or change date in the world. If your savegame was created with other such mods activated, the problem may still persist after decativating them, because the data is still stored in the save file. Try an earlier save game or start a new game. You can also try to COC from the main menu into the location that crashes to see if the problem is solved after deactivating other mods.
Locations that are created with the mod are:
Grinnwirrs cave: COC mmcoldhermitcave
Gunnar's Lair: COC mmcbanditcaveinterior
Arkenvagg: COC mmcdungeon1