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A Few Minor Tweaks to Merte's The McMiller Chronicles SE

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The plugin is flagged as an ESL. 

Merte's The McMiller Chronicles SE is an excellent mod and I'm genuinely surprised that at the the time of writing this it only has 98 endorsements. If you checkout the original Skyrim version it has over a 1000 with glowing reviews in the comments. A great choice if you're looking to add more crime content into your game as the story is centred around several characters which can only be described as gutter scum.

It's a permanent resident in my load order but for this playthrough I decided to make a few minor tweaks to the mod and thought, why not release it for others. 

Tweak One

Angus McMiller is the quest giver located in the Winking Skeever. He's supposed to be obnoxious and Merte did a great job with that, but he repeatedly says the line "I think someone farted". If you spend any amount of time in the inn with no intention of starting the quest at that time, it can be a little annoying. To me it is anyway. The line is set to random so I changed it to only occur once.

Tweak Two

If you explore the home of one of the characters, you will come across a truly horrific crime and it may make you want to kill the person responsible. Unfortunately they're essential so all I did was remove that flag. Make sure you complete the whole quest before you do but once you have, he's fair game. 

Tweak Three

As part of the questline you are told to go and kill the Beast. The problem is that the beast isn't all that tough and will normally be killed by something shortly after you enter the world space it inhabits. This happens even if you haven't begun the quest, and when it does it triggers the next quest stage. All I did was add a protected flag to the Beast which should make it so that only you can kill it.

Optional File - Additional Tweaks by Ryokhan

Ryokhan contacted me to say they had added some additional tweaks to my plugin. 

Tweak One

Shifted Grinnwirr from Killable to Protected

Tweak Two

You will now be able to get a quest item back, which is usually lost during the story.

Tweak Three

Ryokhan, was having difficulty, with an enemy getting triggered when they entered a room. This places the enemy there, removing the need for it to be triggered.