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This tweaks most bosses and unique encounters in Skyrim Revamped to scale above but with the player level. Their minimum level will be lower and their maximum level will be higher than vanilla and Revamped default. This patch also fixes a few bugs, issues and inconsistencies in SRCEO

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I love Skyrim Revamped;

But I wanted to make bosses scale as they do in vanilla rather then having a very high fixed level that often proved jarring and not symbiotic with default encounter zones or encounter zone re-leveling mods.

This makes nearly every boss in Skyrim, Dawnguard and Dragonborn scale with the players level although they will always scale above the players level.

Example: Skyrim Revamped makes all named Dragon Priests level 100... This patch reduces their minimum level to 75 and increases their maximum level to 150, while they scale at 1.5x the players level. (Except Morokei) This is the extreme end of the spectrum as most bosses have a lower minimum level and a smaller multiplier aside from Miirak, Kaarstag, Harkon and some other exceptions.

Many vanilla bosses that didn't scale before will now.  So you can expect a balanced challenge from the beginning to the end of your playthru in a much more open world compatible experience.

This patch also fixes a few bugs, issues and inconsistencies in SRCEO


Download and install Skyrim Revamped Complete Enemy Overhaul

Download and install my patch and give it priority in your load order


Should be compatible with anything that doesn't modify boss actor NPC's.
This will also work fine alongside Skyrim Revamped Loot and Encounter Zones. 

Thanks to samuro_ for his help and support.


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