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Fixes missing footstep sounds from certain Dwemer floors when using ELFX. Most noticeable upon entering the Silver Blood Inn.

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Fixes an invalid Havok property on the dwermsmmidbot01.nif. This re-enables footstep sounds on the floor again.

Shoutout to Mookeylama who pinpointed the troublesome mesh and ltmz2010 who made it easy to fix the properties on the mesh.

Install order should be immediately after ELFX. If you have other mods that overwrite the same mesh it's probably a good idea to overwrite this one.

Meshes in question are:

Since the details of where to go to edit footstep sounds have been lost with Itmz2010's mod, I'm providing the path to the Havok material location in the mesh. This property specifies the type the material the collision of the mesh is recognized as which feeds the sounds.

bhkCollisionObject > bhkRigidBody > bhkMoppBvTreeShape > bhkCompressedMeshShape > bhkCompressedMeshShapeData

Expand the Chunk Materials list. For each of the Chunk Materials in the list the value of "Material" defines the footstep sounds used. You can use the dropdown in NifSkope to set valid values.