Skyrim Special Edition
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Did you ever get the feeling that enemy attacks were hitting you sooner than the animation would suggest? That's because they do. This is something that's bothered me since the game was released way back in 2011 and the introduction of timed blocking mods soon after made it even more obvious that something wasn't right. This mod aims to fix that.

Permissions and credits
For clarity: You do not actually need to download this mod to use it. Use Nemesis instead. Click on the checkbox for "Retimed Hit Frame" and launch the behavior engine to apply the mod.

Since tktk1 has expressed interest in implementing his own version of this mod, I no longer feel the need to continue development.

Here's a short clip that shows what this mod does.

This mod does not change animations. All it does is change the moment at which the attack connects.

The mod currently covers both one handed and two handed weapon users.
It does not alter the timing for first person attacks yet.

Are there any other attacks that should be retimed? Let me know with a comment.

This is a simple asset replacement mod. Install with a mod organizer. Alternatively, don't download this mod. Instead, use the "Retimed Hit Frame" patch in Nemesis.

If you're not using Nemesis, this mod will conflict with any mod that also replaces 1hm_behavior.hkx. For compatibility with other mods that modify the same file, don't download this mod. Use the patch in Nemesis.