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This mod implements the Souls series death system into Skyrim

Permissions and credits
This mod implements the Souls series
death system into Skyrim

SGC stands for "Stolen game concept", because that's what I do

What's annoying in Skyrim ? Skyrim !
Make it Dark Souls.

The mod was thought to be used with SkyrimSouls - Experience

Install instructions

The mod comes as an addon for the Ashes mod
It's compatible with You Died SE

If you already have the Ashes mod installed, you must use the following consoles commands:

stopquest ashes_mainquest
startquest ashes_mainquest

The mod is as streamlined and lightweight as it can. It won't have any impact on the performances.
Its design makes it future proof compatible with everything. 
It won't break with SKSE/SSE updates and it can be used even in mods that adds New Lands (Falskaar, Beyond Reach...) without requiring a patch.

Operating mode

After dying you'll respawn and all your gold will be removed from you inventory. To get it back, return where you died and activate the tombstone.
If you die again before being able to, your gold will be lost forever.

To  mark a cell as an available respawn point, you must first activate Ashes Spells in the MCM and then use your new spell in the cell you want.
It comes shipped with all inns, taverns and player houses marked as available respawn points.
To remove a respawn point from the list simply use your power again in the cell you don't want anymore.

A cell is marked as a current respawn point the character sleeps in a cell that is an avaible respawn point.
You must a cell set as respawn points only the cells where you have the possibility to sleep.