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About this mod

This mod implements the Souls series leveling system into Skyrim

Permissions and credits
This mod implements the Souls series
leveling system into Skyrim

SGC stands for "Stolen game concept", because that's what I do

What's annoying in Skyrim ? Skyrim !
Make it Dark Souls.

Install instructions

Classic installation through your Mod Organizer.

The mod is as streamlined, lightweight and customizable as it can. It won't have any impact on the performances.
Its design makes it future proof and compatible with everything.
It won't break with SKSE/SSE updates.

The esp has to be as low on your load order as possible, and below anything that touches the experience rate. 
The mod can be used or removed mid playthrough and should be compatible with almost everything (make sure to put the mod below anything that
changes the experience rate tho)

Operating mode

After sleeping, if you have enough gold, a dialogue menu will appear .
You can choose to keep your gold, level up your skill and choose which skill.

The MCM provides full customizations options to fit your playthrough with your mods and your economy.
The default formula is adapted for my playthrough, you will most probably need to customized it for the game not to be unbalanced. .

To do

Fix the trainers (and I actually don't have any idea about how, I thought about it only while writing my mod page and as I'm a lazy fuck I'm releasing it anyway)