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Jaime lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) Racemenu preset for Skyrim SE.

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Jamie Lannister is the second preset I developed.I tried to copy the actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from the show as well as
possible, using 
various photos from different angles. For the critics out there: I am aware the preset is not perfect, but the ingame options are limited. (and so am I :d)
Beware: Racemenu got updated to work with latest SKSE version. The preset will not work if the Racemenu - SKSE versions don't match. 

I made two presets for Ser Jaime. 
Both presets use the exact same face and have a pair of hands, but the hairsyle, beard and small sculpting details are different. 
You can install both presets without issues if you like to switch around, but you have to make sure you combine (load) the right .nif and .Jslot file. 
If you install both:

-Short hair Jaime: JaimeLannister.jslot with JaimeSculpt.nif 
-Long hair Jaime: JaimeLongHair.jslot with JaimeLhair.nif

Check installation for further assistance.

Link to my Ramsay Bolton preset:



Used mods for close resemblance:
You should install these first if you want the exact same result

-KS Hairdos SSE Created by Kalilies and Stealthic (Needed if you want the same hairstyles)

-Total Character Makeover Created by Scarla (Had this installed during creation)
-The Eyes Of Beauty SSE Created by LogRaam aka Gabriel Mailhot (Needed for eye color) 

-Beauti-Full Clothing Bodypaints SE* Created by DomainWolf 

* Used black handpaint as 'gloves' as shown in one of the pictures, hiding his "Golden Hand" in short hair version of Ser Jaime. I tried turning one hand to gold, but this mod always paints both hands, so I turned both black to resemble the gloves he wore to hide his golden hand in the show. This is for immersion purposes only. Simply don't download the bodypaint mod if you do not like this, and he will have a normal set of hands. (The stump is not in the preset. I have reduced the right hand to a maximum through the sliders, only to take a screenshot).

Clothing on images

-Cloaks of Skyrim Created by Nikinoodles and Nazenn

-Game of Thrones Armor SE - Port Created by donker316 and portet by Giiango


The preset is originally made for the Imperial race, although it should work perfectly for every humanoid race (Breton, Nord, Redguards) if it is installed correctly. Elvish races work to some extent but are not recommended (different eye color, etc).

After downloading the file (using mod manager or manual) you should open up the racemenu in-game by using the console command (showracemenu).

-Step 1: Select the race you want, and click the 'Presets' tab in the top right corner, press F9 (Load Preset) and load the donwloaded preset (.jslot file), this might still look weird at first depending on your race, but this is normal. 

-Step 2:Now click the 'Sculpt' tab and press F9 (Import head) again, load the downloaded .nif file and press E (accept).

-Step 3:If you selected Breton or Redguards, you should change the complexion to 0 (Sliders>Head>Complexion)

-Step 4: All done ;)!

-It came to my attention that the nose of the presets was still too narrow compared to actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. This has been adjusted in versions 1.01 and 1.01b.

  'Hear me Roar!

I hope you enjoy it!
Please endorse if you do and leave a comment, maybe you can help decide who to try next.