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Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) Racemenu preset for Skyrim SE.

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I came across an old Ramsay Bolton Racemenu preset for Skyrim.
I decided to rework this preset for Skyrim Se, and made some big and subtle manual adjustments to look more like actor Iwan Rheon from the show Got, based on various
 photos from different angles.
Credit for the original preset: 
Beware: Racemenu updated to work with latest SKSE version. The preset will not work if the Racemenu - SKSE versions don't match. 

Check out my preset for Jaime Lannister:


-SKSE for SE

Used mods for close resemblance
You should install these first if you want the exact same result

-KS Hairdos SSE Created by Kalilies and Stealthic 

-Total Character Makeover Created by Scarla 

Clothing on images

-Cloaks of Skyrim Created by Nikinoodles and Nazenn

-Immersive Armors Created by Hothtrooper44 


The preset is originally made for the Nord race, although it should work perfectly for every humanoid race (Breton, Imperial, Redguards) if it is installed correctly. Elvish races work to some extent but are not recommended (different eye color, etc).

After downloading the file (using mod manager or manual) you should open up the racemenu in-game by using the console command (showracemenu).

-Step 1: Select the race you want, and click the 'Presets' tab in the top right corner, press F9 (Load Preset) and load the donwloaded preset (Ramseyfinished.jslot), this might still look weird at first depending on your race, but this is normal. 

-Step 2:Now click the 'Sculpt' tab and press F9 (Import head) again, load the downloaded Ramsay.nif file and press E (accept).

-Step 3:If you selected Breton or redguards, you should change the complexion from to 0 (Sliders>Head>Complexion)

-Step 4: All done ;)!


Version 1.01 gives the preset a more gaunt face, which was requested by someone (check picture for changes). In addition, I also adjusted the length and body of Ramsay, so that it roughly corresponds to the length of actor Iwan Rheon. If you don't like this, you can still manually adjust the length in the racemenu under Sliders>Body scales, as you would with a different character (change height slider from 0.97 to 1 and so on)

X 'Our blades are sharp'  X

This is my first attempt at a racemenu preset, I hope you enjoy it!
Please endorse if you do and leave a comment.