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Adds more death sounds for generic voice types. Reuses some lines such as "bleed out", "on fire" and "flee".
Inspired by Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Permissions and credits
Adds more death sounds for generic voice types. Reuses some lines such as "bleed out", "on fire" and "flee".

  • Death sounds will not play if the NPC is killed in their sleep.
  • Vanilla only death sounds will play if the Player is sneaking.
  • Unique NPCs such as Nurelion, Gavros, Kyr, J'Kier will not make any death sounds.

Install this mod through a mod manager or manually download the mod and place the files into the "Data" directory of your Skyrim Special Edition folder. To uninstall, remove the mod in a mod manager or delete the files in the "Data" directory.

No edits to vanilla records.

I am NOT the mod author. I was given permission to upload to Special Edition.


2500 Endorsements!
Very much appreciate all the support
Never thought that this mod would reach this far

Special thanks to Brodual:

List of voice types covered:
  • FemaleArgonian
  • FemaleChild
  • FemaleCommander
  • FemaleCommoner
  • FemaleCondescending
  • FemaleCoward
  • FemaleDarkElf
  • FemaleElfHaughty
  • FemaleEvenToned
  • FemaleKhajiit
  • FemaleNord
  • FemaleOldGrumpy
  • FemaleOldKindly
  • FemaleOrc
  • FemaleShrill
  • FemaleSultry
  • FemaleYoungEager
  • MaleArgonian
  • MaleBandit
  • MaleBrute
  • MaleChild
  • MaleCommander
  • MaleCommoner
  • MaleCommonerAccented
  • MaleCondescending
  • MaleCoward
  • MaleDarkElf
  • MaleDrunk
  • MaleElfHaughty
  • MaleEvenToned
  • MaleEvenTonedAccented
  • MaleForsworn
  • MaleGuard
  • MaleKhajiit
  • MaleNord
  • MaleNordCommander
  • MaleOldGrumpy
  • MaleOldKindly
  • MaleOrc
  • MaleSlyCynical
  • MaleSoldier
  • MaleWarlock
  • MaleYoungEager
  • DLC2FemaleDarkElfCommoner
  • DLC2MaleDarkElfCommoner
  • DLC2MaleDarkElfCynical

Removed death sounds for the following Unique NPCs:
  • Nurelion (The White Phial Questline)
  • Gavros (Winterhold College Questline)
  • Kyr (The Pale Lady Questline)
  • J'Kier (Hircine Questline)
  • Titus Mede II Decoy (Dark Brotherhood Questline)