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Modifies the default death sounds of NPCs to make them sound more painful.

Permissions and credits
More Painful NPC Death Sounds

Description: Killing NPCs will now result in more painful and brutal sounds rather than the vanilla sounds they usually make after they die.

In the new versions:
Softer death sounds will play if the NPC is killed when the Player is sneaking.
Death sounds will not play if the NPC is killed in their sleep.
Unique NPCs such as 
Nurelion (The White Phial Questline), Gavros (Winterhold College Questline), Kyr (The Pale Lady Questline), J'Kier (Hircine Questline) and Titus Mede II Decoy (Dark Brotherhood Questline) will not make any death sounds.

Installation/Uninstallation: Install this mod through a mod manager or manually download the mod and place the files into the "Data" directory of your Skyrim Special Edition folder. To uninstall, remove the mod in a mod manager or delete the files in the "Data" directory.

This mod may conflict with mods that edit the DialogueGeneric, as well as the DLC2GenericDarkElf Quests.

Credits: I am NOT the mod author. I was given permission by XxTWDxX to upload his mod to Skyrim Special Edition Nexus to gain more publicity. If you desire to upload a translation/other of his mod, please contact him.

List of voice types modified:
  • FemaleArgonian
  • FemaleChild
  • FemaleCommander
  • FemaleCommoner
  • FemaleCondescending
  • FemaleCoward
  • FemaleDarkElf
  • FemaleElfHaughty
  • FemaleEvenToned
  • FemaleKhajiit
  • FemaleNord
  • FemaleOldGrumpy
  • FemaleOldKindly
  • FemaleOrc
  • FemaleShrill
  • FemaleSultry
  • FemaleYoungEager
  • MaleArgonian
  • MaleBandit
  • MaleBrute
  • MaleChild
  • MaleCommander
  • MaleCommoner
  • MaleCommonerAccented
  • MaleCondescending
  • MaleCoward
  • MaleDarkElf
  • MaleDrunk
  • MaleElfHaughty
  • MaleEvenToned
  • MaleEvenTonedAccented
  • MaleForsworn
  • MaleGuard
  • MaleKhajiit
  • MaleNord
  • MaleNordCommander
  • MaleOldGrumpy
  • MaleOldKindly
  • MaleOrc
  • MaleSlyCynical
  • MaleSoldier
  • MaleWarlock
  • MaleYoungEager

Dragonborn DLC:
  • DLC2FemaleDarkElfCommoner
  • DLC2MaleDarkElfCommoner
  • DLC2MaleDarkElfCynical

Videos for some demonstrations:

Special thanks to Brodual:

-Now has .esp (and Seq) file, to fix the delayed sounds
-Added a few more lines for some voice types

-Added 3 more death sounds for MaleDarkElf

-Added 1 more death sound for FemaleCommoner

-Restored the 5 vanilla death dialogue that were flagged as "DELETED" before. The player now uses those 5 vanilla death sounds

-Fixed children death sounds not playing before

-Added more death sounds for FemaleCommander, MaleCommoner, MaleElfHaughty and MaleNord
-Added CommandedVoiceExcluded keyword condition to DialogueGeneric
-NPCs killed by the Player while sneaking will now play softer and less painful death sounds

-Added some dying cough/groan sounds after painful death sounds
-Added more sneak death sounds to some voice types

-Removed death sounds for sleeping NPCs
-Removed death sounds for the following Unique NPCs:
  • Nurelion (The White Phial Questline)
  • Gavros (Winterhold College Questline)
  • Kyr (The Pale Lady Questline)
  • J'Kier (Hircine Questline)
  • Titus Mede II Decoy (Dark Brotherhood Questline)

-More Death Sounds

1000 Endorsements!
Very much appreciate all the support
Never thought that this mod would reach this far

Credits to the tools I used:
-Bethesda Archive Extractor
-Voice File Reference Tool 2
-Creation Kit