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A collection of patches for The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold - made by Cortex56, who released rights to me

Permissions and credits
These are patches by Cortex56 (who gave me permission to upload here - ADMINS, PLEASE READ THE STICKY POST HERE

These patches are only to remove offending trees from interfering with select Player homes.

Xbox version can be found here

NOTE: the download is unique, but you'll find the patches all separated inside the rar file

Check the Forum Tab to see how to make a merge of the forest (Stackable) patches to save yourself esp slots.

Homes included:
Elysium Estate by thejadeshadow 
Bathing Beauties Luxury Suite SE by Migal and OldMansBeard 
Skyfall Estate (SE) by Ld50365
Underground Bathhouse and Paradise Valley by Andragon by skubblebubble 
WIP - Cannabis in Skyrim - Beta .01 by DJexs 
Orotheim Cabin by jpitner 
Fort Highwood SE by Ithlia
Shoal's Rest Farm - Alternate Start - LAL by Arthmoor 
Valkyrja Manor by jpitner
Tundra Watch Farm SE 
Desdamona Citadel SE
Orc Hearthfires
Whiterun Shack
Little Library of Whiterun
Djorkehn Legacy - Whiterun
The Mighty Nine's Photo Studio (Final Version)
Humble Abode

Castles included:
Dovahkiins Warehouse and Bedroom SSE by ch0k3h0ld 
Solstice Castle SE by Lazz 
Moonstone Castle SE by Lazz 
Haethgard Castle / Player Home by Skyvalr 
Valkyrja Castle Whiterun by jpitner and stoaty6666 
Radun Castle
Skystone Castle
Hofkiin Do Kah SE

Towns and Villages:
Gavrostead by Th3 Duk3 
Rorikstead by Arthmoor

Other mod Patches included:
More Bandit Camps (SSE Explorer's Edition) by skillest - (Not yet complete for v2.0.0)
Should also work with "More Bandit Camps (SSE Regular Edition)
Imperial Stone-The Forts of Skyrim Redone by MrMcGee - (Not yet complete for v2.0.0)
The Ruins by L3st4t (Not yet complete for v2.0.0)
Schools of the Holds by dhomnick 
Relic Hunter (Legacy and ASLAL addon) by Icecreamassassin 
ClefJ's New Amberguard
Camp Argentum
Waystations of Skyrim
Fantasy Style Followers SE - White's Bar
Expanded Towns and Cites - Rorikstead
Ancient Land SE
Ancient Watchtowers
The Elder Scrolls - Veydosebrom - Grass and Groundcover (normal density esp file)

More patches (by other modders):
Serenity - Great Forest of Whiterun Hold Compatibility Patch

Most recent version of Skyrim Special Edition
The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold by Ro84 v2.0.0

Install The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold,
Install the Select Player Home (or other mod)
Install the (stackable) Patch for any additional homes or mods. (these are all separate esp's - See the Forums Tab this page for a solution)

You MUST run, SSELODGen to correct tree LOD's and to remove tree LOD's no longer there.

Make sure your player home (or other patched mod) loads after The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold.

Notes on BBLS:
BBLuxurySuiteENM.esp should be placed below The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold.
BBLuxurySuite.esm should continue to be loaded with other esm's of course.

Recommended Mods:
Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin by Preeum 

For proper looking LOD's
Indistinguishable Vanilla Tree Billboards by Palerider (I use the the High Res 1024 version)