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Patch for CACO, BS Bruma and Creation Club Goblins, specifically related to the Steel Blue Entoloma that abound in their lair.

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This is my first ever published mod. It came to me, when trying to properly set up my modded game, when I found some incompatibilities between a few of the mods I chose, specifically Bruma, Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul and the Creation Club Goblins, which actually come with a cave filled to the brim of Steel Blue Entoloma fungi.

Of great help and education were the awesome patches that already exist for this content, specifically the CACO patch for Bruma by Teabag86 and the Synergy Patch by Jelidity.

The mod does not require the patch by Jelidity to work, but it is heartily recommended. Make sure to load this patch after the one by Jelidity, so it will overwrite a few of the changes he made. If you want a more vanilla experience with the quest area, however, this patch will still work, and will simply convert the fungi into versions consistent with CACO as per the main BS - Bruma CACO patch.

More in detail, what this patch does is essentially turning all the Steel Blue Entoloma that have been placed in the world, in both the CC plugin and in the Heartland one, into the BS Bruma version, and extending the same appearance also to the Steel Blue Entoloma ingredient in Beyond Skyrim. The flora items maintain their distinct appearances, to preserve the level design. For the inventory item I opted to extend the Creation Club aesthetic to all picked steel blue entolomas.

It actually bugs me a bit, since they are now much more distinct from the normal blue entoloma, but there had to be a choice. In Gromm's Pass there were a lot of ingredient steel blue entoloma placed around, whereas there were only three of them in total placed in the Beyond Skyrim content, and spread between two different areas. So the choice was to keep Gromm's Pass consistent.

For those who still prefer consistency, I added an alternative version that uses the BS - Bruma mesh for the ingredient. It is noticeable mostly in the room behind the throne in Gromm's Pass, but for the rest it does not disrupt aesthetics too much. The flora steel blue entolomas in GP still use the Creation Club meshes.

Recommended Mods:
BS Bruma CC Goblins Synergy Patch - Be sure to load this mod after it. Adds several items to Gromm's Pass and most importantly allows to clear the rubble, opening a way into Cyrodiil. Also gives weapons to the goblins at Gromm's Pass.
Better Goblin Follower Gogh - Makes Gogh level with the player and adds some extra functionality, like carrying items and teleport. More importantly, however, this mod fixes a bug that no other patch fixes, concerning magicka, health and stamina regeneration of the goblin race, that affects also Gogh. So, the mod practically turns Gogh into something potentially useful or at least a bit more useful (he has a cap of level 40).
TDG's Goblins around Skyrim - Makes the goblins spawn around Skyrim mainland, and gives them also some weapons. Comes with a handy MCM to customize the spawn rates to taste.
Beyond Skyrim Bruma uses Creation Club Goblins - Converts the models of the goblins of BS - Bruma into those of the Creation Club and also adds extra models for the females and the shamans.

Besides the mods mentioned above as related to the patch, in some of the screenshots stuff from MannyGT's Gray Cowl of Nocturnal happened to be captured. :P