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This mod is aimed improved the use and effect of "Dragonrend" shout at the same time fixed some of the problem that already exist in this shout.

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KS Dragonrend Overhaul




i'm not good at English and English not my native language. So i'm sorry if any user thats not understand my description mod is all about.



(Here my first small overhaul mod for "Dragonrend" shout. The original idea of this mod come from the mod called Improved Dragonrend Shout but my mod is 99% effect vanilla that does not forcing animation in script and only change its animation by adding new idle animation for "Dragonrend" shout)

The original "Dragonrend" shout just causes Dragons to safely land when they feel like it and sometimes they
keeps flying and flies away so far that you don't have the time to chase after it. Also at times this shout don't seem to work at all when the dragons keep flying away, but not any more.

This mod is improved the use and effect of "Dragonrend" shout at the same time fixed some of the problem that already exist in this shout.



1) In original effect of "Dragonrend", dragon will stagger at the moment it get hit by this shout but now it change to make this shout look more powerful that dragon will instead cripple after get hit by "Dragonrend".

2) Next, dragon is take awhile to land and make "Dragonrend" effect expired few moment after it land. Sure this is also been change and fixed that now dragon no longer do slow-mo landing instead it will fast do landing at the same time increasing the "Dragonrend" effect bit longer and increasing cooldown between shout to prevent player spam this shout to fast (For balance purpose).

3) There is another additional effect when dragon is effected by "Dragonrend" under 68% of its health, there have a chance to make it crash to the ground instead of fast do landing and this will only work when dragon is outside of city (city has low amount space to crash landing).

4) In original "Dragonrend" seem have big problem as well that dragon is totally ignoring this shout and continue to fly again. Well now it fixed, that now dragon has no longer do that kind of thing and will continue grounded until shout effect is expired.

5) Lastly, to fix the problem that dragon sometimes they keeps flying and flies away so far (aka. run from combat). I don't know if this true fix for this problem but well here we go. Now every time dragon want to flies away from battle with "Dragonrend" effect is on dragon, the shout effect will dispelled from dragon when dragon is outside of player distance and make dragon to come back to player after that.


Thanks to Mr SkyrimGTX.

This is example video for this mod that has been made by Mr SkyrimGTX. Its not totally featured all change in this mod but yeah at least have two noticeable change that you can see it in this video.



Not compatible with other mod that edit "Dragonrend" shout.

Deadly Dragons Compatible (load KSDRO after DD).
Serio's Enhanced Dragons Compatible (load KSDRO after SED).
Serio's Enhanced Dragons Redone Compatible (load KSDRO after SEDR).
KS Dragon Overhaul compatible (Placed KSDRO mod after KSDO).
KS Dragon Overhaul 2 not compatible.
Longer Dragonrend SE not compatible.
Krif Nau Golt Dovah (Fight on ground Dragon) Extended Dragonrend not compatible.
Dangerous Dragonrend not compatible.
Thunderchild need to make patch.