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I've got a lot of nicknames but usually go by Dex, so let's go with that. I'm a physically and mentally disabled nerd that's obsessed with videogames, modding, graphic design, coffee, and cats. My disabilities often keep me busy so please respect that. Be nice and I'll be nice back. Don't let my occasional saltiness intimidate you, I promise that I try my best to be friendly.

Like many modders, I'm self-taught and had to learn things the hard way (I have trouble understanding most tutorial videos and have to learn things hands-on). My first handful of mods were the equivalent of stick figure doodles - my point is that if you're self-conscious about your work don't be, you got this and if I can wind up making some cool content so can you.


If you were an a** to me (or I was to you, I'm not claiming to be perfect) in past discussions I sincerely apologize and wish you the best and want y'all to be happy. Peace and love and videogames bro/sis/sib. 




Do you speak German?
I speak very little. English is my native language.
What's your old username mean (schlafenszeit)?
It roughly translates to "it's bedtime" in German because I'm always asleep. I thought it was fitting.
What happened to your Patreon?
I removed all the content and started fresh on Ko-Fi instead - as I had a few people donating one dollar a month, which was very sweet, but it would get eaten by taxes...I didn't think it was right for people to waste a dollar y'know? That and Nexus/Tumblr/Twitter are my preferred platforms for uploading and showcasing my mods.
You have a Patreon Ko-Fi?!
Yes. Donations only, no paywalls, no paid mods. Support only. My work will always be free.
Thoughts on new site policies?
I don't like it, but I also don't like feeling like I'd be punishing users by taking down my work. Gaming's gotten me through a lot of hard times over the years and modding was a huge helping hand in that. If I've helped enhance at least one person's game experience or made someone smile, then it's worth it in my opinion. My work is here to stay.

Can you make ___ for me? / I have a request / I would love your help with...
Can't fully commit to it, but I can certainly try to! I'll pick and choose to do what I want, have time for, or feel up for doing. Please don't let this discourage you, though, feel free to ask for requests. Worst thing is I'll say I won't/can't or that I'll forget.

I asked for ___ forever ago! Why didn't you help me with it?!
Regrettably, I have a life outside of modding. I also have a bad memory. I do have a to-do list somewhere though, so chances are I'll get around to the request if I said I would...unless I forgot to add it to the to-do list...

What happened to ___ mod by you?
I probably deleted it because I hated it and/or it was outdated. It may also be being remastered.

Why are you always so salty?
Blame my lupus and my uterus.
Can I use so-and-so content by you?
Yeah totally, just credit me please. Make sure to check the permissions tab just in case.
*political word vomit, even if it's with good intentions*
No. Nope. Not happening, not again. Talk to me about literally anything else, preferably videogames or mods for them.