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Have you ever picked a bush of mountain flowers only to realize you only got one measly flower?
This mod fixes this by increasing the base amount of ingredients gathered as well as adding a random chance to get even more items from each single harvested plant.

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Have you ever picked a bush of mountain flowers only to realize you only got one measly flower?
You might have reasoned that you’ve got a bundle of flowers to keep your immersion intact but still.

“NO MORE!” I say! Let’s put an end to the mountain flower’s tyranny over our harvested ingredients!

From now on your plants (and creatures soon) will be more reasonable and grant you an actually useful amount of ingredients that is a lot more coherent with what you actually see ingame.

This is a complete rewrite of the immensely popular Harvest Overhaul by Omletter for the original Skyrim.
No code has been copied over from the original mod or the Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul mod by kryptopyr.
Both mods have served as reference and inspiration for this mod, nothing more.

1.0 is finally here. 
Yes, it has only taken a few years, I know ...

The main features are:
An Installer, an MCM Menu (and an optional configuration book for users without SkyUI) to configure how much you want this mod's features to affect your gameplay experience, the Hunter's Discipline Perk now affects harvested ingredients from creatures/animals as well as an option to remove all treasures like gold from creatures that were previously not touched by this mod. Check the full changelog for all the information on this version.

If you want to know about the future of this mod, please check the Post section.

- Increased base drops for almost every harvestable plant in the game (except Nirnroot)
- Chance to get additional ingredients per single harvest
- Also includes chaurus eggs, spider eggs and some more!
- Fully integrated Green Thumb perk!
- Optional creatures plugin that changes all ingredient amounts obtained by creatures and animals.

Planned Features: (no ETA on any of those)
- Additional plugin that let's you harvest human flesh/hearts from NPCs. For all you cannibals and vampires out there ;)
   Thanks to /u/Exaltation_of_Larks for the idea!
As I am no longer actively developing this mod, this feature will not be added any time soon.

As of now Harvest Overhaul Redone is ONLY available on the Nexus! If you find it anywhere else it was stolen. Please report it and make me aware of it! Thank you! (The only exception being They have my permission!)

This part of the mod functions by giving each and every ingredient a base amount of items that will be dropped no matter what.
Secondly every time you harvest for ingredients the game will basically roll a dice to decide how many extra items you get on top of that.
This way you can be sure to get a decent amount of ingredients while also giving it some variety on top of that.

Each plant’s amount has been edited by me and chosen depending on what is actually seen in the game and what is reasonably balanced without making this mod a cheat mod.
For example a single bush of mountain flowers will always give you 2 flowers + anywhere between 0 and 4 extra flowers each harvest.

The chance to get those extra ingredients is split up into three tiers:

High, Medium and Low.

High chance ingredients include mountain flowers and most mushrooms.
Medium chance ingredients are the norm among most ingredients.
Low chance is reserved for ingredients that are very unlikely to give you extra ingredients like glowing mushrooms.

For more information on the exact numbers and chances refer to the documentation linked below.

The Green Thumb Perk:
Since I am an advocate of not making vanilla features redundant I’ve decided to include functionality for the Green Thumb perk in the Alchemy tree.

The new Green Thumb works as follows:
- The base amount of every harvestable ingredient is increased.
- The chance to gather extra ingredients per harvest is also increased.
- This leads to an overall higher amount of ingredients harvested as your character gets better at not destroying valuable ingredients.

(OUT NOW!!!)

There is a very high chance to get the exact amount of items an animal would have of that kind.
But I have taken the liberty to add a twist to it.

For example sabre cats will most of the times drop 2 eyes, because they HAVE two eyes obviously. Rarely they will only drop 1 or, god behold, even 0. Think of this as your character having poked out one of those eyes or being too jittery to properly cut one of them out of the poor cat’s skull …

Another example would be bear claws. You won’t always get the maximum amount of claws (which wiki told me is 20).
The reason is simple.
Have you ever seen a bear get a pedicure? *drops mic*

But on a more serious note. Killing a bear to get a claw or two is ridiculous. Getting 20 claws per bear is equally as ridiculous balance wise.

The way this is implemented is very similar to how I implemented the plants features. The major differences are that not every ingredient has a 100% chance to drop a base amount of items (Some only have a 80% base chance) and that the chances for extra ingredients are based on how the ingredients rarity is defined in the game itself:

Common, Uncommon and Rare.

Again for exact numbers check out the documentation linked below.

This mod does require all Skyrim DLC (Dawnguard, Hearthfires & Dragonborn). If you're playing Special Edition you already own them all.

From Version 0.9.1 on this mod also requires the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. If you are not using this already, you REALLY should anyway!

Mod Manager:
Load the mod into the mod manager of choice and activate it. 
Disable the mod to uninstall.

Download the mod and extract the contained files into your Skyrim SE Data folder.
…\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data
To unistall the mod delete all the files provided by this mod from the Skyrim SE Data folder.

This mod should be compatible with every mod that does not edit plants/trees entries directly (yes, a lot of flowers are considered trees inside Skyrim) as this will stop the plants from using my new drop lists.
The same is true for the newly added creatures. As long as the mod in question does not edit the drop lists of creatures or containers like Bee Hives it should be compatible.

This mod is incompatible with any mod that edits the Green Thumb perk or the Alchemy tree in general.
Look for patches for your favorite mods in the installer. If your favorite mod is not supported, leave a post and I’ll see if I can make a patch for it.

Ordinator by Enai Siaion: Patch is now in the optional download section (needed for the plants part of the mod).
Freshly Picked by KainXacier (ported by fiskin1): Compatible and I strongly advise to use this mod. Especially if you decrease the Alchemy XP gained with something like the Uncapper or the options in the installer.
Skyrim is Windy by Gorgulla: Patch is available in Gorgulla's mod page over here!
SkyBirds by steve40: Patch is available from the installer.

Hunterborn by unuroboros: They are compatible!
You just have to bypass Hunterborn's features by choosing "Manual Loot" when interacting with any killed animal to access the changed loot lists (as seen down below).
I would not recommend doing so, because this pretty much negates most of Hunterborn's features. Just use Hunterborn for animals and this mod for other creatures not covered by Hunterborn's system. This is what I do as well.

Special thanks go to:

Nazenn for helping me with various questions while creating this mod. You’re a boss!
fadingsignal for his tutorials and his general awesomeness.
Arron Dominion for his scripting tutorials. Seriously he does an amazing job.
Omletter and kryptopyr for Harvest Overhaul and Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul respectively

zilav and everyone working on xEdit. This tool has grown to be my go to modding tool as of late. If you want patches or want to create a mod, seriously check this tool out first!

Also thanks to MistValkyrie for the amazing Sovngarde Font! If you like the font in my banners go over there and give them some love!

Want to have a look at the exact numbers used in this mod?
- Look no further:  Official Documentation

Something doesn’t work? You’ve found a bug?
- Leave a post on here or PM me.

Is this mod compatible with …?
- Most likely yes. Take a look at the compatibility section.

Is this mod compatible with HUNTERBORN?
- I get this question surprisingly often. Short answer, yes it is. Long answer, take a loot at the compatibility section.

Is this mod available in (enter language of your choice)?
- Currently available Translations: Italian by MaximilianPs, Russian over on, German by Kugane

Is this mod gonna come out on consoles?
- Since I won't be making regular updates to this mod and I am not finding the time to properly develop this mod anymore, the short answer is no.

How does this mod compare to other mods that do something similar/the same?
- There are twomain differences.

Perk Integration:
This mod integrates the Green Thumb perk seamlessly into the new harvest mechanics of this mod. Other mods don't even touch it.

I've meticulously looked at every plant and creature in the game to have the amount of ingredients harvested represent what is actually there.
Also I'm trying to have this mod feel like an improvement over the vanilla game, not a cheat mod that makes a whole perk in the game basically obsolete or throws balance completely out of the window for a quick fix.
And last but not least the way I've implemented this is imho a lot cleaner than just giving the game a few hard coded numbers to choose from. I'm working with variables that force the game to roll a dice on every additional ingredient harvested which leads to more variety and more possibilities for ingame tweaking.

If you want to take a look at how much work I've been putting into this mod, check the Documentation linked above. ;)

Created with:
SSE Creation Kit