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  1. MyGoodEye
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the SSE VERSIONS for WARZONES, WARZONES : Assault Attack and CLARALUX.

    I am thrilled to report that they all work better than expected! Very much how they were intended!

    All tested in SSE. All saved/edited in CK64. And all cleaned in SSEEDIT.

    CLARALUX : More and Brighter Lights for SSE
    How to adjust CLARALUX LIGHTS and OPTIONS in real-time in the game

    Console Commands for WZ

    Console Commands for WZAA

    Any questions/comments/troubles? Leave 'em here!

    - MyGoodEye
  2. MyGoodEye
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  3. Scythe42
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    UPDATE TO 1.20
    * Added a couple of lights to locations we previously didn't add any.
    * Fixed some lights that were not visible before because of wrong enable parents.
    * Reduced the spawn chance for CLARALUX engineers. And they got some combat training at the Black Marsh facility. Bandits beware!
    * All support patches have now 'Blowing in the Wind' support in-built. That was a grindy task...
    * Updated the mod description page with information that was often requested.
    * Documentation site will follow soon. MGE's duty.
    * Added a couple of new support patches, see mod description for a full list.
    * Addressed the positioning of a few lights and some minor tweaks
    * Windhelm bridge is now lit again - it even flickers when guard with torches pass by without any lights, so nothing was gained.
    * FormID xx12AF83 was added since version 1.10. All other text stayed the same, so it should be an easy update for translators.
    sed on used feedback. Probably in late July.

    UPDATE TO 1.21
    * Fixed a bug that made it possible for dragons outside the Facilty to be pulled into the Facility worldspace
    * Fixed a problem with an implicit type cast that resulted in day/night transitions to be an hour later
    * Minor cosmetic changes to a few lanterns and lights
    * Fixed bounds of Solitude worldspace
    * Some housekeeping in the ESP

    * Added additional pull chains in the Facility, so that light settings can now be independently increased or decreased
    * Added an additional weight (extra heavy) to the lanterns for users with very windy weather mods

    * Message xx1C7B35 message was showing "Off" instead of "On"
    * Message xx1D6F68 had an unneeded space
    * Message xx0420E9, xx1D6F69, xx1D6F68, xx1D6F6A had a special character removed
    * Message xx0420E9, xx1D6F69, xx1D6F68, xx1D6F6A, xx1DC09C were shortened to fit better inside the popup window.
    * New String added for extra heavy lanterns xx2503FF
    * New Switches have IDs: xx25A69A to xx25A6A9

    - Skyrim Bridges
    - Provincial Courier Service

    As always with an update new bugs are possible and likely. If you encounter any problems pls. leave a comment / file a bug report.

    Update for XB1 will follow after we made sure everything is stable in the 1.2x releases. Probably late July.


    Save in an interior cell before updating so that no CLARALUX lights or light fixture are active. Check the mod description for more details.


    Currently experimenting on some code injection to see if some ideas we have are feasible to be implemented in a future release to push the boundaries beyond what we can do at the moment. This will be for a 2.0 release that might be released by the end of the year until then the 1.x series will of course keep getting updates.


    Experimenting with some changes and preparing some additional requested features (e.g. alternative Facility access) for the next update.

    Bruma Support will come, probably as a Work-In-Progress patch, as the new world space is quite large and a lot of lights need to be added. Bruma itself only comes with about 100 lights. Don't hold your breath though...

    Expect the next update (unless a bug fix is needed) in September as I am mostly out of town in August.
  4. Taffer42
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    "For mod authors and users interested to create their own CLARALUX support patches we will provide a guide in the future."

    Whatever happened to this? The only thing keeping me from using this right now is that I have no idea how to "cluxify" any new lights added by other mods I may install. Just going through and trying to update the USSEP patch is showing me just how difficult it is if you don't know what your doing.

    I've tried looking at some of the other patches, but there is a distinct lack of consistency (sometimes within the same patch!). For instance, in one patch, there were several AF8BA records (LightCampFire01) that were patched. But, some were patched with cluxLightControl_LightCampFire01, some with cluxLightControl_LightCampFire01_NG, and for one the only changed was the editor id "NoCLUXControlQuadLimit" (no idea what that means).

    Another fun one is 2D847 (CandleLanternwithCandle01). Sometimes, it's patched with a script. Sometimes it's not. Sometimes the script has two properties, sometimes only one.

    If the guide mentioned above ever came out, I'd sure appreciate knowing where to get it. (As far as I can tell, it doesn't exist on the documentation page either.)
  5. tomanoku
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    Will this mod work well with mods that change the layout of cities in the game (mods like "Holds the City Overhaul", for example)?
  6. Giboss
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    This mod is FANTASTIC - WOW!

    The best in my opinion.

    However, this is a test room - it is COMPLETELY NOT IMERSIVE.In the world of Skyrim, a technical room ????

    Please, tell me that somehow it can be REMOVED !!!
    1. DarkDominion
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      Use this mod : Claralux SSE MCM
  7. Lionhearte
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    Would it be possible to update the support patch to work with JK's Skyrim, the All-in-One version? Ticking on every single patch and adding 14 ESPs is really uncomfortable lol. I'd also like to see a patch for Lanterns of Skyrim II, like others said.
  8. raserhead
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    Do these light sources not cast proper shadows? Am I missing something here?
  9. Aurihazuma
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    Would you please be so kind as to make a support patch for Lanterns Of Skyrim II?? I love this mod and there are some doubled lanterns around Solitude and a few other discrepancies.. The developer of LoS II has out right denied to do anything about it.. I've used both for years and recently upgraded to the new edition.. the game plays, but without a patch I keep getting errors in Vortex.. Would be very helpful.. Thank you so very much for such a wonderful mod.. I find it to be indispensable in my load order and to the game..

    Have a Very Blessed Day...

  10. MagisterOfAsariel
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    Is it just me or do the lights added by Claralux have a much warmer tint to them than the vanilla lights? So at the default settings the Claralux lights look great, but the vanilla lights look too blue. So in order to make the Vanilla lights look like the realistic lellowy-orange glow from a fire, I have to turn the light warmth up to 9 or 10, which makes the Claralux lights way too orange and weird looking. Has anyone else had this problem? I can't seem to find a good balance. I wish the lights added by Claralux had the same default tint as the vanilla lights. But I have a feeling there will never be an update to fix this, since the last update was in 2017.
  11. psicloner1
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    Is it normal to see two lanterns on the same hook or within each other on crates?  I'm seeing this and disabled all other lantern mods I had in place to see if it was that.  No luck.
  12. EdwardOrd
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    HELP !!! How do I completely uninstall this mod?
    I'm not saying this mod is bad, it's just not compatible with Lanterns Of Skyrim II, so I have to get rid of it.
    the "Customizable Lights Installed" message still pop up after I uninstalled CLARALUX
    Please help, I don't want to re-install Skyrim again....

    Edit: NVM, the message is not from's from Torches Cast Shadows
  13. daskard
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    Every other torch pan casts no light on the ground/wall. Spent hours disabling mods and even after stripping all mods for Whiterun ect. this mod still strips the glow onn walls from the torch pans.

    Lights loaded (that does NOT mean, Clara is not causing it - it's working after uninstalling Claralux):