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  1. MyGoodEye
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the SSE VERSIONS for WARZONES, WARZONES : Assault Attack and CLARALUX.

    I am thrilled to report that they all work better than expected! Very much how they were intended!

    All tested in SSE. All saved/edited in CK64. And all cleaned in SSEEDIT.

    CLARALUX : More and Brighter Lights for SSE
    How to adjust CLARALUX LIGHTS and OPTIONS in real-time in the game

    Console Commands for WZ

    Console Commands for WZAA

    Any questions/comments/troubles? Leave 'em here!

    - MyGoodEye
  2. MyGoodEye
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  3. Scythe42
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    UPDATE TO 1.20
    * Added a couple of lights to locations we previously didn't add any.
    * Fixed some lights that were not visible before because of wrong enable parents.
    * Reduced the spawn chance for CLARALUX engineers. And they got some combat training at the Black Marsh facility. Bandits beware!
    * All support patches have now 'Blowing in the Wind' support in-built. That was a grindy task...
    * Updated the mod description page with information that was often requested.
    * Documentation site will follow soon. MGE's duty.
    * Added a couple of new support patches, see mod description for a full list.
    * Addressed the positioning of a few lights and some minor tweaks
    * Windhelm bridge is now lit again - it even flickers when guard with torches pass by without any lights, so nothing was gained.
    * FormID xx12AF83 was added since version 1.10. All other text stayed the same, so it should be an easy update for translators.
    sed on used feedback. Probably in late July.

    UPDATE TO 1.21
    * Fixed a bug that made it possible for dragons outside the Facilty to be pulled into the Facility worldspace
    * Fixed a problem with an implicit type cast that resulted in day/night transitions to be an hour later
    * Minor cosmetic changes to a few lanterns and lights
    * Fixed bounds of Solitude worldspace
    * Some housekeeping in the ESP

    * Added additional pull chains in the Facility, so that light settings can now be independently increased or decreased
    * Added an additional weight (extra heavy) to the lanterns for users with very windy weather mods

    * Message xx1C7B35 message was showing "Off" instead of "On"
    * Message xx1D6F68 had an unneeded space
    * Message xx0420E9, xx1D6F69, xx1D6F68, xx1D6F6A had a special character removed
    * Message xx0420E9, xx1D6F69, xx1D6F68, xx1D6F6A, xx1DC09C were shortened to fit better inside the popup window.
    * New String added for extra heavy lanterns xx2503FF
    * New Switches have IDs: xx25A69A to xx25A6A9

    - Skyrim Bridges
    - Provincial Courier Service

    As always with an update new bugs are possible and likely. If you encounter any problems pls. leave a comment / file a bug report.

    Update for XB1 will follow after we made sure everything is stable in the 1.2x releases. Probably late July.


    Save in an interior cell before updating so that no CLARALUX lights or light fixture are active. Check the mod description for more details.


    Currently experimenting on some code injection to see if some ideas we have are feasible to be implemented in a future release to push the boundaries beyond what we can do at the moment. This will be for a 2.0 release that might be released by the end of the year until then the 1.x series will of course keep getting updates.


    Experimenting with some changes and preparing some additional requested features (e.g. alternative Facility access) for the next update.

    Bruma Support will come, probably as a Work-In-Progress patch, as the new world space is quite large and a lot of lights need to be added. Bruma itself only comes with about 100 lights. Don't hold your breath though...

    Expect the next update (unless a bug fix is needed) in September as I am mostly out of town in August.
  4. gheyisht
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    I'm getting a misaligned/misplaced lamp above the Clan Battleborn House in Whiterun with OCS.

    Unfortunately I can't even console it out.
    ...its just sitting there.

    I could turn out the Whiterun lights and it goes away.
    But thats a bummer.

    Edit: Autumn of Whiterun - No Lanterns conveniently obscures the misplaces lamp with trees.
    And looks damn good. Back in business!
  5. FF7412
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    Awesome mod, Endorsed. There will be noticeable performance impact for GTX 1060 6GB or similiar GPU.
    1. gheyisht
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      Thats a good little mid-ranger isn't it.
      I'm proud of mine.

      Its depends how much your hauling I guess.
      It doesn't seem to have much on mine.
      But then your severely modded Skyrim is a clever balancing act.
      Maybe you want to turn off lantern weight and save a few physics calculations.

      The point being that its definitely worth it to fit it in however you can.
      Especially with a darker nights mod.
      Just lovely.

  6. jtcarc
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    Not sure if someone can help me here, but I saw on the description a sort of mini guide on merging patches for Claralux, but first let me preface this by saying that yes, I use NMM. I have tried MO and just didn't get it. Plus all of my mods were already in NMM and it said they were unmanageable in MO. Ok now that that's out of the way, I got all the way to the end by watching the video for the Merge Plugins app, did everything step by step in creating a new merge--it was green etc. I added it and activated it on NMM. However, when I go to my LO, I don't see the new ESP with my new name on it. I still see all of the other old files, but not my new merged patch (I'm merging Claralux patches) of which I named "Claralux Patches". I'm not sure if I did something wrong at the very end or why that merge is not showing up at the bottom of my LO so I can organize it with the rest of my mods. My second question would be as follows: once this is fixed (which I'm sure one of you can certainly help me), I'm assuming that my new merge would go towards the bottom of my LO below the lowest master? Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!
    1. Glanzer
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      Wow I can't believe no one responded to this in 1.5 years. As I recall, a merged patch is put into a special subfolder. So look there for the ESP. You will have to manually add it to your load order using your mod manager--it doesn't automatically appear there. This is from memory, it's been several years since I modded.
  7. AdenYeshua
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    Can I safely merge the patches?
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    is there any way of removing the testing facility because i have a house mod and it clips through the walls of the house
    1. xcal68
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      Look at the downloads.
  9. Tristan3D1
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    With all the effort you took in this and pulling the levers, and waiting for an effect, exactly nothing happened. It is as useless as all the other relighting mods. 1.) That you think that a pitch black enviroment would be approximating "reality" instantly tells me, that you have no idea how the human perceptive apparatus works (the human eye is kind of "algorithmic", now think about that for a moment, BEFORE you turn down the light levels to a level of darkness that makes it impossible for the player to play the game... if you think an additional lantern or torch would improve the immersiveness of the experience, because you turned down the lighting that severely that you actually need this stuff, then you really have no idea what you're dealing with here). Also: 2.) It does not work. And given what I've seen on the screenshots I must be thankful for that.

    Seriously, is it THAT hard to just crank up the distant lights of the windows of distant towns? Three mods now and none delivered what they promised they would.

    Do I really have to do it myself so things get be done accordingly and correctly? I guess so. Amateurs, everywhere I look! Frustrating and infuriating. If you'd be one of my graphics artists in my company, I would grant you exactly one chance to rectifiy this mess, and then fire you! I demand my artitsts to know how reality actually works. Gawd is this frustrating. So much wasted talent.

    Zero points for this useless mod.
    1. EZ337
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      I don't know who the hell you think you are or if you intended that to be some kind of joke, or you thought that was funny or some s***, Imma be nice and simple and just say, good for you. Go ahead and go make that mod of yours then. Bye. It's that simple. Ain't nobody forcing you to download it
    2. StoneThunder8
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      Woah you´r literally flaming the mod author over a free addition not working for YOU (since it works for pretty much everyone else I dare to assume that you made a mistake installing) furthermore this mod doesnt adjust the global light settings meaning if your game is dark to the point of beeing pitch black chances are you f`d up earlier while installing another mod ... *slow clap*

      You just made me feel bad for both the mod author cuz he has to deal with wannabe´s like yourself, and yourself for you are apparently unable to read half a page of text and follow the easy instructions written on it.
    3. teresatiger
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      I wish people like Tristan would be banned from nexus. The absolutely absurd levels of entitlement and rudeness just blow my mind. Who on earth do you think you are? If you're that talented, then yes, how about you put the time in to make and release your own better mod so that everyone can enjoy it, instead of leaving douchey comments on other people's work? In case there is any confusion, let's clarify real quick: THIS IS A FREE AND OPTIONAL VIDEO GAME MOD THAT SOMEONE MADE FOR FUN AS A HOBBY, FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL USE, AND THEY WERE KIND ENOUGH TO SHARE IT. They are not getting paid and they are not required to "deliver" anything. If it doesn't work the way you want, then don't use it or go make your own, since you seem to think it's no big deal to create something like this. Seriously, go do it and share it with the community. That would be a much better way to spend your time than complaining on someone else's upload. You really are unbelievable. You talk about running a CG team at a company but you act like a child so I have trouble taking your word on that. Grow up, get a life, and please get some manners while you're at it as well.
    4. tsusanoo5
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      The sheer arrogance you possess and self-entitlement is astonishing. People like you, usually get sorted out in life eventually.
  10. StoneThunder8
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    I absolutely love this mod has been in my modlist for arround a year now and worked like a charm ever since, thanks for sharing your amazing mods with us <3
  11. Azmodan1978
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    Is there any actual manual available anywhere? The link only leads to a site with teaser videos.

    As for the mod itself, it seems to not do anything in the game; I found no way to actually adjust anything (no ingame setting or new MCM menu point), and the lights that were too bright before I installed the mod are still too bright.
    1. KorksMcGorks
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      there is the Claralux testing facility near riverood for that. its listed in the discription
  12. cardmaster
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    Does anyone know if support for this mod has been abandoned? MGE has not replied to anything and his supporter closed his account..
  13. jaderoyale
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    can anyone give me a quick configuration for interior lighting? no matter what I seem to do they are way too dark. Even using torches, we are talking major a headache and nausea after about 10 or 15 minutes.
    1. XannahDeux
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      I feel you. Why all the lighting Mods make the interiors & dungeons Darker? Literally the opposite of what you'd expect..
      I looked for a lighting mod, because I'm legally blind & yeah, the torches & flickering makes me dizzy after a while..
      This is MOST lighting mods Ive tried, not this one particularly
    2. daskard
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      For interior lighting you should configure your lighting mods. I wouldn't try fixing issues in Clara, that are not originating from it.
      - Don't use "ELE for ENB"
      - Consider using ELFX without the Enhancer
      - If you are using an ENB preset: Turn down the Min-Adaptation for interiorrs in the enbeffects.fx.ini (which you can do in the ingame menu, of course)