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  1. MyGoodEye
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the SSE VERSIONS for WARZONES, WARZONES : Assault Attack and CLARALUX.

    I am thrilled to report that they all work better than expected! Very much how they were intended!

    All tested in SSE. All saved/edited in CK64. And all cleaned in SSEEDIT.

    CLARALUX : More and Brighter Lights for SSE
    How to adjust CLARALUX LIGHTS and OPTIONS in real-time in the game

    Console Commands for WZ

    Console Commands for WZAA

    Any questions/comments/troubles? Leave 'em here!

    - MyGoodEye
  2. MyGoodEye
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  3. Scythe42
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    UPDATE TO 1.20
    * Added a couple of lights to locations we previously didn't add any.
    * Fixed some lights that were not visible before because of wrong enable parents.
    * Reduced the spawn chance for CLARALUX engineers. And they got some combat training at the Black Marsh facility. Bandits beware!
    * All support patches have now 'Blowing in the Wind' support in-built. That was a grindy task...
    * Updated the mod description page with information that was often requested.
    * Documentation site will follow soon. MGE's duty.
    * Added a couple of new support patches, see mod description for a full list.
    * Addressed the positioning of a few lights and some minor tweaks
    * Windhelm bridge is now lit again - it even flickers when guard with torches pass by without any lights, so nothing was gained.
    * FormID xx12AF83 was added since version 1.10. All other text stayed the same, so it should be an easy update for translators.
    sed on used feedback. Probably in late July.

    UPDATE TO 1.21
    * Fixed a bug that made it possible for dragons outside the Facilty to be pulled into the Facility worldspace
    * Fixed a problem with an implicit type cast that resulted in day/night transitions to be an hour later
    * Minor cosmetic changes to a few lanterns and lights
    * Fixed bounds of Solitude worldspace
    * Some housekeeping in the ESP

    * Added additional pull chains in the Facility, so that light settings can now be independently increased or decreased
    * Added an additional weight (extra heavy) to the lanterns for users with very windy weather mods

    * Message xx1C7B35 message was showing "Off" instead of "On"
    * Message xx1D6F68 had an unneeded space
    * Message xx0420E9, xx1D6F69, xx1D6F68, xx1D6F6A had a special character removed
    * Message xx0420E9, xx1D6F69, xx1D6F68, xx1D6F6A, xx1DC09C were shortened to fit better inside the popup window.
    * New String added for extra heavy lanterns xx2503FF
    * New Switches have IDs: xx25A69A to xx25A6A9

    - Skyrim Bridges
    - Provincial Courier Service

    As always with an update new bugs are possible and likely. If you encounter any problems pls. leave a comment / file a bug report.

    Update for XB1 will follow after we made sure everything is stable in the 1.2x releases. Probably late July.


    Save in an interior cell before updating so that no CLARALUX lights or light fixture are active. Check the mod description for more details.


    Currently experimenting on some code injection to see if some ideas we have are feasible to be implemented in a future release to push the boundaries beyond what we can do at the moment. This will be for a 2.0 release that might be released by the end of the year until then the 1.x series will of course keep getting updates.


    Experimenting with some changes and preparing some additional requested features (e.g. alternative Facility access) for the next update.

    Bruma Support will come, probably as a Work-In-Progress patch, as the new world space is quite large and a lot of lights need to be added. Bruma itself only comes with about 100 lights. Don't hold your breath though...

    Expect the next update (unless a bug fix is needed) in September as I am mostly out of town in August.
  4. Aszkarath
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    Hi folks,

    I've got a little problem using Claralux with Elysium Estate player home. All exterior lanterns (and their corresponding light sources) are floating, as it seems the author of Elysium Estate moved the entire buildings further backwards.
    I tried repositioning the lanterns and light sources in CreationKit, what I managed in the end although I'm totally inexperienced in modding and using the CK.
    When loading the game though, the floating lanterns are still present additionally to the repositioned ones. I did not copy them, I moved the existing ones in CK and saved (Claralux Elysium Estate Patch was loaded as active file).

    Or could it be, that I somehow messed something up while installing Eylsium Estate, that the buildings have been moved backwards on the game map and I'm the only one having this floating lantern issue? (What I don't think is possible as the positioning of buildings are set in the mod files..I guess^^)
    1. Fallynious
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      I'm having the same issue so it's not just you
    2. DragonAvatar
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      Scratch the Patch!

      just overlooked the Issue and tried to figure out, why the patch looks for a missing masterfile...look at when the Patch was made...and when the latest version of Elysium Estate got published...v5+ has only ElysiumEstate.esp while the older v4.3.5 has ElysiumEstateSSE.esp!

      Ergo: The Patch is incomaptible with v5+ as the estate got almost completely reworked and so did the lighting and layout, renaming the esp. to fit the patches masterfile needs does one no favor and will probably cause the formentioned problems when active.

      So we need a new patch made for the actual version of EE, but as the mod author is inactive due to RL...
    3. DarkDominion
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      you kindly ask the mod author of Elysium Estate to rename the .esp back.?
    4. DragonAvatar
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      well, that would be easy, but there are some issues with that:

      1. EE's Mod authors last Activity was almost 4 Months ago...and EE had no update since 5.0.1 which was almost 1 and a half year ago.
      2. renaming the .esp of EE to be recognized as the masterfile does NOT fix the patches issues itself coz
      3. Elysium Estate 5 has some major changes compared to 4.3.5 which are NOT covered by the patch and therefore cause the floating lights and co.

      ergo: renaming doesnt help at all, coz its the available patch that does not work for the actual version, as its tailored towards old EE v4.3.5. which is quite different.

      so we need a completely new patch, as renaming wont solve anything for 5.0.1.

      only other option to have that patch working, is to use the older 4.3.5 version of EE.
  5. Marcus_of_Malkav
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    Hello thanks for the great mod have been using a long time on NMM but since finally migrating everything through Vortex I am missing a master file.

    The Blowing in the Wind - Claralux Patch SSE .esp is looking for a master file "CLARALUX - SSE.ESP" not "CLARALUX SSE.ESP" as per the main set of Claralux files. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Am I correct in thinking this patch requires the master file reference to be changed to the correct file name? Tessedit fails to load the master reference because it cannot find the file therefore blocking edit mode, so cannot edit to correct
    1. FrostyKiwi
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      did you end up getting a fix for the issue i have the same problem
  6. Kulharin
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    is this mod fully compatible with rustic windows? ELFX exteriors gave me issues and I had to make a patch.

    Been using ELFX exteriors but was thinking of switching to this. Is it awesome? Does it have the same flicker issue?
  7. Espinder
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    A gift from the gods to those who use ENB.
    Many thanks!
    This test map is also a wonderful detail.

    Pfff LoS...

    Patch for Blackthorn - A Buildable Town in The Rift (SE)? PLEASE
  8. BabyMooCow
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    Great mod!
    Question. I'm using JK'S skyrim all in one. There is no patch available for this option. Would it be possible to get one as part of the patch options?
    1. Shadowstalkers
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      Do not install ANY of the Claralux - Jk patches, but the JK's Skyrim No Lights patch from the JK's Skyrim optional files:
      JK's Skyrim AIO
      JK's Skyrim No Lights Patch

  9. CaptMidnightuk
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    Love this mod no issues unlike with lanterns of Skyrim

    I recommend CLARALUX SSE MCM (search it) so you can change lights without the testing facility that breaks immersion.
    1. dubdan
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      yay! :)
      note: "read before spellwealding"
    2. Unerismy
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      i use this and chose the version without the facilty, and i have 4 floating lamps where it used to be. Do you have this issue?
    3. CaptMidnightuk
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      Might be wrong but I think that may be caused by lanterns of skyrim if you select the claralux patch which I don't think it needs anyway as claralux moves lanterns on its own.

      I have since changed my opinion I had a lot of frustration with lanterns of skyrim because I wanted to use a patch that was only old rim, but I have since managed to get it working using wyre bash and creation kit.

      Claralux does a much better job adding lights than lanterns imo I don't remember lanterns adding so many lights to different locations like forts. and lanterns had some very questionable placements that just look off.. and I know its called lanterns of skyrim, but couldn't they have added more of other type of lights that fit the area.

      My problem with Claralux isfor me it makes vanilla lights extremely pale like the whiterun braziers withour claralux give off a slight orange tint, but they're pale white when using claralux default temp. If I turn the temp up high, it just makes the added claralux lighting too red.

      In short I'd love a version that just added extra adjustable lighting and left vanilla lighting alone.

  10. lightsourced
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    Wondering if you might consider creating a patch for JK's Skyrim and ETAC compatibility mod:

    Thank you! <3
  11. Huego17
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    Hello, I really am enjoying this mod. It really adds a ton of depth to the world. I'm having a couple lights flicker up near the forges in Solitude with a completely fresh install, no other mods activated. I was wondering if there is a way to disable a few lights and light sources? Solitude is perfect besides those few lights and I really would like to keep it activated. Thanks for your work!
  12. Ceddie999
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    Is there a way to disable the facility? Sadly its breaking the immersion of the game. Explicitly in that location. The Mod itself is awesome but ill only use it when there is a way to remove it.
    1. chewmanfu
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      Just an idea, but could you highlight the facility in the console menu and simply disable it?
    2. blehmeh
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      Just search for the Claralux MCM here on Nexus.
  13. fresssocke
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    How do I get a light distance like in this picture?:

    1. HeadSpace10
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      Edit. I think I was wrong. Dyndolod does not illuminate those lights. I have tried every ini setting possible and claralux lights seem unaffected. That screenshot was probably taken by toggling free cam. I’d love to know if there is a way to increase the view distance of those lights because it would be really nice.
    2. Spatulator2000
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      Try vanilla weathers. I needed to adjust darker nights to be darker, but vanilla weathers really allowed the lighting to "shine" (for lack of a better word).