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A compilation of tweaks for Beyond Reach.

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This is a collection of tweaks for Beyond Reach.

Delayed Quest Start

Beyond Reach initiates its main quest by an encounter with a priestess of Mara and her guard in any random city. I made a small tweak which delays this encounter until you are level 25. (customizable) So you can start the quest at that level. Optionally, you can also add The Book of Love as a requirement.

Lastly, I added a restriction so the priestess of Mara and her guard to only show up in Skyrim and prevent them from appearing in other locations, like Beyond Skyrim: Bruma.

You can use console commands to customize the requirements:


Skyrim Border Tweak

Connects the Skyrim Worldspace to Beyond Reach's Worldspace. The mountain pass (on the Skyrim side) can be found near Hagrock Redoubt.

However, everything related to the gate and mountain pass will be disabled and invisible, if you haven't been to the Beyond Reach worldspace yet. (i.e.: having spoken to the merchant and travelled there) This is done to avoid issues with the main quest from Beyond Reach.

I included an attached INI file which takes care of the region borders.

Shields and Cloaks

Gives Cloaks and Shields with the Griffon Emblem to Evermore Guards.

Temper Recipes

Adds temper recipes for all playable weapons and armors, so they can be upgraded at the Grindstone or Workbench. It also adds fixed values and keywords to some armors, to make it function with mods that function on those keywords.

Note: the Notice Board patch is no longer supported from 2.5 onwards. I'd advise using the one for Missives.


A: Yes.

Q: Does installing/updating/uninstalling on an existing save work?
A: As far as I know, it should. However, it's good practice to keep a backup save prior to doing this, just in case. Obviously the delayed quest start won't work if you already started the quest.

Q: Is this compatible with <insert mod>?
A: I don't know by heart. You might need to check yourself.

Q: Will you make a patch for <insert mod>?
A: Only if it's a mod I use myself or plan on using, I have enough time and I actually like the idea. Otherwise, feel free to do it yourself. (see permissions)

Q: I have a suggestion to improve the mod. Can you do it?
A: Maybe, if I have time and I like the idea, I'll consider it.

Q: Will you port this to <insert platform>?
A: No, I myself only support the Steam and GOG English SE and AE versions of Skyrim. If someone else wants to port it, feel free. (see permission) If you decide to port it, you yourself take full responsibility to offer support to said port. I will not provide no support for any ports by third parties.

Q: I use a ported version of this mod on <insert platform> and I have a problem. Can you help?
A: I don't provide any support for third party ports on other platforms than the Steam and GOG English SE and AE versions of Skyrim. If you have issues, you should adress the person that ported it.

Q: Does this work on Skyrim 1.6+, aka "Anniversary Edition"?
A: Yes, it should.

Q: Why don't your mods use MCMs and instead use this janky console command system to set globals?
A: I am not a fan of MCMs. You can set the globals by making a patch in xEdit. I have no plans of changing this. If you want to add an MCM, feel free. (see permissions)

Q: Why don't you use FOMODs?
A: That would require reuploading the entire mod, in question, even if I only make a small change. My internet is limited and reuploading the files each time will take a huge chunk of my monthly volume.