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ENB preset for a beautiful gameplay.

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Check the screenshots for an idea on how the preset looks. Personally I feel like it doesnt quite do the justice of actually viewing it in game. You may have to do some adjustments to best work with your mod list. 

Fair warning before using

This ENB preset can get pretty dark in caves, buildings at night and such dark locations/times. I highly suggest keeping a torch and/or the candlelight spell at hand.


For full results I recommend using Realistic Lights Overhaul, Enhanced Lights and FX, and Obsidian Weather. I have mine optimized for using these mods together with other overhaul mods in my list. 


Download the latest ENBDev binaries. Extract the contents and place the d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll from the "wrapper version" into your Skyrim  (SSE) directory.
Extract the contents of this preset and place them into your Skyrim directory. Overwrite if needed.


Start your game and enjoy.  

Shameles Plugin
I stream over on Twitch. So if you would like to stop by, drop a follow and watch and chat when I am live that would mean the world to me.


This is my ENB preset i use. It is more of a combined working of XENB 2019 by XenoX2503Snapdragon ENB by tetrodoxin, and Tetrachromatic ENB by dptheslothking. Without them and my strange sense of "let's combine these into a monstrosity and see what breaks" I would not have done so. This is the result with some modifications. Special thanks to Boris Vorotsov for creating enbseries.
Marty McFly - DOF and Postpass
The Sandvich Maker and Adyss - Skin Shader

A warm thank you to SukmaZaki555 for making a preview video on the enb preset.