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New and improved HD water textures in addition to the first-ever water-edge fix that doesn't interfere with your weather mods and works across all weathers.

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The Cathedral Concept
Lightweight Water Overhaul

The Cathedral Concept is a comprehensive visual overhaul for Skyrim. It is simply designed, consisting mostly of retextures and improved models, so that you can use it as a foundation without having to worry extensively about compatibility. This mod page is for the water found in The Cathedral Concept. 

This is a minimalist water overhaul with the first-ever water-edge fix that doesn't interfere with weather mods. 

  • No issues with lod tiling or mod incompatibilities.
  • The water-edge bug has been fixed by setting water fog and reflections to start at the water line instead of mistakenly before. This targets the root of the problem as opposed to breaking weather mods by adjusting their fog settings which only works for the occasional weather and not even for all water mods (and even when it did work, it still broke the horizon seam fix implemented by Obsidian Weathers and Aequenoctium Weathers). 
  • Rivers appear much more realistic, in part because the shores and riverbanks now have calmer and more transparent water, as opposed to high specular and large obvious waves previously passing through them at unnatural angles.
  • Water audio has been added to certain water sources inspired by RW2. 
  • Version 2.0 series is designed for Cathedral Weathers, though compatible with any weather mod.
  • Version 1.0 series is designed for Obsidian Weathers, though compatible with any weather mod
  • BC7 compressed resulting in negligible compression artifact. This does not increase memory usage but greatly increases quality given the nature of the textures. 


  • Simple design allows for great degree of compatibility. Edits only textures and water records (which control flow, water color, and audio).
  • Compatible with iNeed (proper flags added for inherent compatibility, just simply overwrite with CWO)
  • Compatible with audio overhauls
  • This mod edits water records in the esp file. If you like how this water looks, I recommend that you do not use other water mods. 


There are two primary philosophies when it comes to modding, Parlor and Cathedral, originally coined by the former modder, Wrye.

In the Parlor view, we consider mods as privately owned works of art displayed in a modder's parlor. We invite others to come appreciate our work. We directly receive compliments and endorsements, encouraging us to produce further work. 

In the Cathedral Concept, we consider modding a joint effort. We share our work with each other to foster further mod development, to keep the community alive, and to contribute in the construction of mods of monumental scales, akin to Cathedrals. Individually, our contributions may be small and not worth doing for themselves, but by each person contributing something, we construct something larger and more worthwhile than any of us could do on our own.