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Makes the death cam much longer (or shorter) before reloading the game automatically.

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NEW AND UPDATED! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I made a new version allowing to configure the respawn timer after death through SkyUI's MCM. Of course for this version, SkyUI and SKSE are required.
If you don't want to have anything to do with them, just download the old version of the mod to get a >100000 seconds longer respawn timer.

You can now also lower the respawn timer down to 1 second (the smallest amount of time that didn't bug on my 200+ mod installation).
Because nobody got time for dying.

In the future, I'll try and see if I can add an option to allow free cam to be activated after death.

It's my first time with the MCM and SKSE, it might be buggy but I didn't find any bug in my intense 1 minute and a half of testing, so don't hesitate to insult me and my code in the comment section.

OLD V1.0 DESCRIPTION BELLOW -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A  small tweak to make the death cam last longer.
Like >100000 seconds longer.
Because it's a long way down the seven thousand steps.

If the SKSESE (I hope they name it this) ends up being completed someday, I will try and add an MCM menu to add customized duration and maybe add a few bonus thingers, like allow TFC after death and set a keybind to TFC for those of us who like looking at things from a different angles.