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Oldrim Port with permissions

Adds animated enchantments for weapons with matched magic school damage.

Permissions and credits
Animated Enchantments Overhaul SE

I got permission from the original mod author, to release this mod to the Skyrim Special Edition Nexus.

Original mod here Animated Enchantments Overhaul by GRIMELEVEN

Remade from scratch, removing unnecessary quests, content, sounds and adding new enchants, you can disenchant all the weapons and use the new effects.


  • Works on vanilla and custom weapons.
  • Sword Enchants; Fire, Frost, Shock, Absorb Health (Blood), Absorb Magicka (Magic), Soul Trap
  • Two-Hand Sword Enchants; Fire, Frost, Shock, Absorb Health (Blood), Absorb Magicka (Magic), Soul Trap
  • BattleAxes enchants; Fire, Frost, Absorb Health (Blood), Absorb Magicka (Magic) Soul Trap
  • Daggers; Fire, Frost, Absorb Health (Blood), Absorb Magicka (Magic), Soul Trap
  • Enchant Shadow of Death left untouched for battleaxes
  • Fully working 2 enchants on single weapon, the strongest enchant will display the effect, more info below
  • All enchantments are silent upon sheath/unsheath and silent in 3rd/1st person changes.
  • Enchants are using vanilla Skyrim formulas for damage/cost/charges, nothing overpowered.
  • Proper schools of magic applied to enchantments for more compatibility with other mods, they should work like their vanilla equivalents.
  • Burn effect and duration are same as vanilla

Where and how to get them?

Whiterun, Dragon's Reach, inside a chest on the left side near Farengar Secret-Fire's room.

Enchants Description-Damage and Weapon type support

  • Oblivion Frost Breath - Frost Damage *ANY* Weapon
  • Oblivion Flames Breath - Fire Damage Sword
  • Oblivion Shock Breath - Shock Damage Sword
  • Oblivion Blood Breath - Absorb Health Sword
  • Oblivion Magic Breath - Absorb Magicka Sword
  • Oblivion Flames Breath Dagger - Fire Damage Dagger
  • Oblivion Blood Breath Dagger - Absorb Health Dagger
  • Oblivion Magic Breath Dagger - Absorb Magicka Dagger
  • Oblivion Flames Breath Axe - Fire Damage Axe
  • Oblivion Blood Breath Axe - Absorb Health Axe
  • Oblivion Magic Breath Axe - Absorb Magicka Axe
  • Shadow of Death - Soul Trap Axe
  • Shadow of Death Sword - Soul Trap Sword
  • Shadow of Death Dagger - Soul Trap Dagger
Enchanting - Extra Effect Perk

The strongest enchant will determine which effect will display

Fire 30 + Frost 20 = Flame Sword display
Absorb Health 30 + Paralyze 2 seconds = Blood Sword display

You can mix the new effects or with vanilla enchants


  • I get a sword mesh on top of my 2-handed axe
  • I get a sword mesh on top of my dagger
    You need to use the matched enchantment for your weapon type, the default names are for swords, the rest are named accordingly.

This mod was ported using SSE NIF Optimizer and TesArchive, if you have suggestions for improvements, contact me from her onwards. 

Mod is cleaned with TES5Edit

For now the effects are limited to 4 types of weapons, i lack the knowledge in meshes editing to expand the selection.

Yes i know some enchants do not fit some weapons properly and i doubt i could change it, users will have to try them out if the meshes fit.

To Install

Manual or use NMM to install the mod

To Uninstall

Manual or use NMM to uninstall the mod

Compatible with Immersive Spells 
Must be loaded BEFORE Animated Enchantments
This mod does not replace or change any vanilla enchantment effect but adds a separate "OBLIVION" tagged enchantment effect to the game.
It should be compatible with any Enchantment mod that adds enchantments to the game.
If you find incompatibilities of any form, please point it out in posts.

The visual effects from VAE(Visual Animated Enchantments) currently do not work together, the spell enchantments can work together in terms of magic damage/effect but only one of the two animations will show depending on which has greater power/magnitude. Hope a patch can be made or a standalone non-replacer mod for VAE.

Screenshots mods

Hell Sword 
Drakul armors 
Blaze Of Eventide 
Dread Knight Weapon Set 
Highly transparent and refracting Glass armor weapon 
RealVision ENB 

Thanks and Credits

GRIMELEVEN - for allowing permissions to port
foster xbl - For the original mod
TKTK - Shock mesh - This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions