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Dungeons will increase in level after you clear them. (Now updated for Anniversary Edition)

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Changes the minimum, maximum and current levels of encounter zones associated with clearable locations, so that on repeat visits dungeons have harder enemies and shinier loot - without necessarily scaling to your character's level.

This mod performs its actions after leaving a clearable location and entering any other location. What this means that if you clear out Embershard Mine and then enter Riverwood, that's when the zone magic will happen. The effects won't be noticeable until Embershard actually respawns, however.

Use the provided MCM menu.


Minimum level
  • Don't modify: leave zone minimum levels at their current values
  • Current min + modifier: add the modifier value to the current level
  • Player level + modifier: add the modifier value to the player's level

Maximum level
  • Don't modify, current max + modifier, player level + modifier: as with min level settings
  • Set to zero (unlimited): most encounter zones in vanilla Skyrim already have this set

Encounter level
  • Don't modify: sticks to regular Skyrim behaviour, making this mod mostly useless.
  • Reset to zero: treat zones as if they were never locked.
  • Randomise: set level to a random value between the zone's minimum and maximum levels. If the maximum is zero level it will be treated as 100. You may specify a modifier to add to the player's level as a limit instead.
All levels are currently capped at 100. Though min and max zone levels can go up to 255 and actor levels even higher, I'm not aware of many mods that have leveled lists range that high.

  • Min clears: Have the previous options only take effect after the nth clear of a location. Clears are counted by this mod and not somehow worked out retroactively, sorry.
  • Max clears: Stop those options working after the nth clear.
  • Reset interiors: Reset all interior cells belonging to the location before their respawn time. Bad guys won't care about their fallen brethren laying out in the sun as long as they have a filthy cave to repopulate. This option ignores cleared status and number of clears entirely. (this feature may or may not actually work)

This mod assumes you've entered a clearable location and killed its bosses before entering any other location. While this shouldn't cause problems in most cases, if you're using anything like my ozom patcher this mod might not catch every clear of an outdoor location.

Almost everything
Works well with mods like High Level Enemies

Encounter Zones Unlocked - its "Disable" settings will most likely override changes made by this mod