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MrDanSG1's Modders Resource:

Modder Display Compendium

Custom Displays for the Collectible Items Found in Skyrim


What Does This Resource Do?

This mod is a free resource for users of all skill levels.It adds a simple test cell with custom built displays for the following items found within Skyrim:

  • Dragon Priest Masks (Including all masks found in Dragonborn DLC)
  • Dragon Claws (Including the Amethyst Claw) 
  • Black Book’s                                                       
  • Elder Scrolls                                                        
  • Paragons                                                             
  • Five Unique Bugs in Jars                                                
  • Oghma Infinium
  • Daedric Weapon Stand  
  • Non-Weapon Daedric Reward Stand
  • Spellbreaker
  • Masque of Clavicus Vile
  • Divine Amulets
  • Wuuthrad and Shield of Ysgramor (With Matching Ysgramor Statue)             
  • All Thieves Guild Treasure & Trophies     
  • Crown of Barenziah
  • Dragonstone
  • Horn of Jurgen Windcaller
  • Dragon Burial Map
  • Arch-Mage’s Robe & Boots
  • Savos Aren’s Amulet

Many more will be added over time and with any requests I receive.
Why Use This Resource?

This resource is perfect for those that want an easy solution to displaying their favorite item. It’s been designed to make it fast and efficient to install and use. There are no mod dependencies as a result of using this mod so it is a good solution for your storage needs.

How This Resource Came to Be

I created this utility to help me when I was designing my first house mod. There are plenty of good cloud storage options out there but I have always personally liked just attaching the item onto something and then removing it when I needed it. Once I had completed it I figured it was worth uploading onto the Nexus seeing as I have used a lot of modders resources myself in the past.

Modders Who Have Used This Resource

Halamshiral Mages Tower By Elianora:


There are several displays that require DLC content such as the Black Books. Because of this the mod requires the following add-ons:

  1. Dawnguard DLC
  2. Dragonborn DLC

You have my apologies if you do not own these but in this case it cannot be avoided.


The following instructions are aimed at those with a good understanding of the creation kit and how to use it. If you would like a more expansive version please consult the ‘Detailed Installation Guide’ document found within the archive. Within the document you will find a complete tutorial with accompanying screen shots.

1) Make sure the scripts found within the archive are installed to the Skyrim Data Folder either manually or with a mod organizer

2) In the creation kit, select your mod as the active file along with the ‘ModderDisplayCompendium.esp’ along with the relevant masters.

3) Drag and drop the chosen displays found in cell 'AAACustomModderDisplays' into the chosen place within your own mod

4) To remove the dependency on my own esp you need to rename all items that have ‘_ASSIGNNAME_************’ in the title. Using the cell window go down it and edit and rename anything with the mentioned prefix. To give one example, you would rename ‘_ASSIGNAME_ClawCoralActivator’ to something like ‘_MyModName_ClawCoralActivator’. Everything else can be left alone as they are resources that will be taken from your own game.

5) Save and exit. Check your esp to make sure the dependency has been removed. If for some reason it has not been removed, clean the masters using TES5Edit and it will remove all remaining traces of my resource. You should not have to do this however.

It is worth mentioning here that if you do not like how I have designed my own displays, it is only my personal preference. You are free to just copy the activators and statics and leave the rest behind. It can be quite time consuming to build your own activators from scratch so if you just want this resource to save time then please do that, this resource is here to help you.


If you download a future update with any new displays there will be no required procedure to add them into your mod, just follow the same installation procedure you used before. If you followed the instructions correctly there will be no dependency in your mod for my resource’s esp.


Uninstallation is as simple as deleting the activators,statics and decorations relating to the chosen display within your mod’s cell. As there is no dependency on this resource’s esp there will be no issue after deleting the display(s).


As this is a modder’s resource, it will only be used within the creation kit, so there will be no compatibility issues with other mods. If an issue does present itself please let me know as soon as possible and it will be rectified.


All content found within this archive is classed as a ‘Modders Resource’ and as such, can be downloaded, shared and utilized by everybody within the Skyrim Nexus community. The only condition of using this mod is that you give credit where it is due, this is just common courtesy.
The second part of this is more a request than a condition; I ask that if you end up using these displays in any published mods that you let me know. This is so I can display your mods link on my page. This will help advertise my displays as well as promoting your own mod, so it works both ways.


This is my staple resource when I am designing my own mods so I am constantly adding to it. Once I have amassed enough extra content I will add it to the mod as a new update and go on from there. If there is a certain display you would like to see added to the mod just let me know, I would be more than happy to do it for you as it helps me expand my own modding resources; a win-win for all parties.


Bethesda – For making a truly wonderful Elder Scrolls universe

Skyrimlazz – This fellow modder created a similar resource that I used for a number of months. I wanted to build my own and expand on his effort massively to help out the community

Sjogga – For his original item placement script

Grathagis – For his tweaked mask bust script


Downreach Hall –

If you like the displays used in this resource then you may like my own mod ‘Downreach Hall’, a unique collector’s home and display area. You will find most of the displays in this resource found in the mod plus many other features.

PHP – Player Home Portals –

This mod adds a collection of teleport spells/lesser powers into your game that transports you to all the home locations found in Skyrim.