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A soft and pleasant ENB preset that fits Skyrim with a touch of fantasy and realism

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Visceral ENB has been my project since I first started SSE.
Finally I feel like it's where it needs to be for a real release. 
Beauty that doesn't sacrifice performance was my ultimate goal. I don't use a lot of shaders that tend to hit performance.
Included here is your standard ENB effects from Boris. Also included is a light DOF from Marty Mcfly, and skin shaders from The Sandvich Maker and Adyss.

What I am going for here is sort of a fantasy/realism look. I love making Skyrim look realistic but I also love fantasy, I mean it's a game filled with dragons and magic.

* Go to and download the latest ENB Binaries
* Navigate to your Skyrim SE folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition) and drag and drop in the .dll files from the Binaries you just downloaded
* Now drag and drop everything from the Visceral File in there as well.
* You're done!

This ENB Preset is currently compatible with Obsidian Weathers and Seasons and ELFX + Enhancer. NAT, Vivid Weathers, Mythical, Rustic Weather, Dolomite Weathers, and 
  are now supported.

As with any of my mods, please feel free to take and submit your very own screenshots!

"What mods?"
A lot actually (500+)
But here's the main ones.

*3D Trees and some animated trees Rudy graciously gave me.

*enhanced landscapes, just the grass though.

*Landscape textures are all my own and can be found in my HD Skyrim mod.

*plants are a mix of Rethnal311's and 3D plants/Landscape
Also unique flowers and plants

*Water by RWT plus my own textures (also apart of my HD Skyrim mod).

*Clutter would be Rudy's mods and High Poly Project

*Blended Roads for roads


Boris Vorontsov - Creation of ENB Binaries
Skin Shaders - The Sandvich Maker and Adyss
DOF - Marty McFly