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Main feature of this MOD is increasing Enemy.

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MOD Feature
・Add enemy in all over SKYRIM.
・I didn`t touch a leveled list or Actor recorde. So you don`t have to make Bashed Patches for this MOD.
・I recommend using this MOD together with other enemy or population MOD.

This MOD is a my personal use MOD, but I decided to upload this.
Main feature of this MOD is increasing Enemy.

Main Contents

1. Place DLC cleatures in all over SKYRIM
・Wear Bear
are now appearing in skyrim
Especially rieklings are added a considerable number, it becomes common race.

Many are turned into opposition parties, and those who work looters by pairing parties in highways,
and those who pair up with bandits, there are also a few that are blending into human society.
It will appear in almost all areas of Skyrim, but especially in the Falkreath hold there will be many.

Appear in Falkreath hold

Wear Bear
It will appear in lift and pail.
Especially the lift will have lots of wear bears

Individuals crawling from Solstheim will appear in the vicinity of the North Coast of Skyrim
(Harfingal, Pale, WinterHold)

Appears in Black reach and swamp area of Hjaalmarch.

2. Add new enemy fuction

Hammerfell Bandit
They are the bandits who aim for the pilladge and kidnapping, flow in Skyrim from hammerfell by taking
advantage of confusion of civilwar.
They are disciplined and stronger than native Skyrim bandits.
Location : Falkreath, South of Reach

Defeated soldier, deserrator, retirement slodier are component of this ravager.
Many of them are trained soldier, and that`s why this ravager is dangerous.
They specialize in organized collective warfare using range weapons.
Location : South of Eastmarch, Rift, Falkreath(Friendly)

Man Eater
Nord fisheries were trapped in the ice cave, and they survived in this dark and cold place by eating
them each other and continuing inbreeding. Very long term in this ice cave and the parasites that were
asleep in this ancient ice cave, made them non-human monster. Intelligence and noble spirit are
declined.When they released from ice cave, at the same time, they begin to attack traveling
adventures, merchants and many innocent people to eat their body. They have a besticial power and
speed, and there is a possibility that you are infected with their parasite disease.
Location : North of Eastmarch, Winterhold, Pale

3. Add enemy variants, sperior species
Including the above DLC creatures, the superior kind of existing enemies will appear in various
These enemies are almost impossible to single-kill while your level is low, and even if the level goes
up to some extent, they are very powerful.
Many top classes will drop items with high rareness if they are knocked down, and drop alchemical
materials with a powerful effect.
Some of these enemies can kill a player outright, but none of them are enemies that will never be
Most of the things you can defeat by doing measures such as learning the pattern or adding resistance
to match the attributes of the opponent.
Many of the top species appear in a remote, off-road street.
Therefore, it is likely not to be able to use a certain highway because of these enemies.

4. Accepting to radiant quest
Above 1. 2. 3. enemies correspond to radiant quest.

5. Add a new merchant and merchandise
New some merchant will be in SKYRIM.
They sell new unique effect potion which help you to defeat strong enemies.

6. Reinforcement of Bandit and Forsworn
Bandit fortress is Overflowing with Bandit, Bandit Riekling and Bandit Dog.
Forsworn will be a more dangelous.

High Recommend MOD

TK Dodge by tktk
A part of the superior species is difficult to solve alone if the dodge can not be used.

Quick Menus

その他敵追加MOD(Other Enemy MOD)
Mihail氏の一連の敵MODとか、あるいはBeasts of Tamrielなど
Mr Mihail`s enemy MOD or Beast of Tamriel