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Simply put, reduces Master Spell casting duration to 1 second.

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I. General

The only thing this mod does is change the casting time of almost all Master Rank spells in Skyrim to one second. The one Master Rank spell that has been changed differently is Lightning Storm which has no cast time since said spell already has a short animation playing at the beginning.
The change was made since Master level spells are, quite frankly, underpowered when compared with similar Expert Rank spells while being dual cast and, while this doesn't completely fix that, it makes Master Rank spells much less of an annoyance to cast.

II. Requirements

The only requirement for this to work is the USSEP.

III. Installation

If using Vortex simply download, install and enable.
If downloading manually, extract the FasterMasterSpells.esp file into your "Skyrim Special Edition\Data" folder.

IV. Compatibility/Incompatibility

This mod edits all Master Rank spells in Skyrim and is most likely incompatible with anything that modifies them.

If you use Better Dead Thralls, use the version compatible with it.