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  • why am i stuck at sixty fps and how to uncap that fps

    1 g-sync & v-sync cannot be enabled at the same time (example i had to turn off g-sync because it was keeping my fps locked at 60). granted my TV does not support g-sync anyways (this is simply based on my personal experience do not take it to mean that vsync is not compatible with gsync)

    2 when using g-sync, v-sync or freesync, it is essential to make sure that your fps is not being locked through a program like nvidia profile inspector (not sure what the amd equivalent is). otherwise your fps will remain locked even if using sse display tweaks or enb series (to clarify it is ok to cap the fps but you want to avoid locking that fps to your refresh rate, it should also be noted that screen tearing may only occur when reaching a certain amount of fps in games, for example if...

  • just some general thoughts tips and tricks for using some of the common modding utilities

    this is simply a guide for how i install mods and work with certain programs, and how i look at them and their usage. this is not meant to be a replacement for other guides that have been done by people like gopher or gamer poets, instead you should think this guide as as general tips to follow when using certain modding programs

    note: further edits to this guide will be made at a later date

    mator smash for all intents and purposes is used for conflict resolution and overrides, to put it in simple terms you are basically telling mator smash that you want the settings of one plugin to override the settings of another plugin that has conflicting records between the two plugins.

    but how do you do this? it is actually very simple if you follow these steps <...

  • q and a on bsa files

    does the use of bsa files increase the file size?

    bsa files use compression which makes the file size smaller

    do bsa increase or decrease performance?

    it increases performance because the files are read directly from the bsa without having to be decompressed, and because the files are compressed it allows the files to be read and loaded faster

    do bsa files take up extra system resources?

    no, it actually uses less resources because the files have been compressed which means that they need less ram & vram in order to be used. so in reality they actually use less system resources

    does it take long to make bsa files?

    it can take a while if you have a lot of files to compress or if your hardware is not very...

  • making preparations to mod skyrim se using MO2 short tutorial for beginners

    when using mod organizer 2 these are the steps you should follow before you try to mod your game

    setup your mo2 categories

    having categories setup helps you to organize and prioritize your mods, this is useful because it helps to eliminate potential mod conflicts by prioritizing which mods are loaded first and which mods get loaded last or midway through.

    it also makes using LOOT (load order optimisation tool) easier, loot controlss when a plugin gets loaded but it does very little to control when the mod files themselves gets loaded MO2 bypasses this limitation by using a virtual filesystem that allows the user to specify when specific mod files get loaded

    for this reason the mod order used in mo2 is every bit as important the lo...

  • just a list of my specs for anyone that is interested

    so for those who are curious i thought i would list out my prior and current PC specs

    yes i know my specs are a bit overkill, but keep in mind that skyrim se is not the only game that i play and i do other work with my PC. nor is skyrim se the only game i mod for or have modded for, at least not here on the nexus but i hope to change that as i learn more.

    probably not going to expand on this article unless i find a reason to do so which i just do not see at this time

    also i do not recommend using my specs as a guideline for picking PC parts since my specs are a bit overkill for just gaming

    in all honesty for just gaming i would go with a ryzen 5 build with a geforce 2070 (maybe a 2060 but i do not think it is a good value), for everythi...

  • how the mod works questions and anwsers

    why were some textures up-scaled instead of being down-scaled?

    some of the textures were too small, contrary to popular belief using smaller textures can have a negative impact on performance

    how can smaller textures negatively impact performance?

    if the person is using a 52 inch monitor or a 4k monitor then the textures in question would have to be re-up-scaled which would in turn use extra system resources. it is the same situation when using a laptop with a 12 inch screen because the laptop has to downscale the textures which also uses up system resources

    but what about vram?

    vram is only part of the equation, using a big or small monitor can have a drastic impact on performance. if using a 52 inch 4k monitor then t...

  • what causes the black face bug

    so the black face bug is basically caused by texture conflicts, but where do these conflicts come from?

    the first type of conflicts come from body re-placers

    (this is usually in the form of trying to use texture re-placers that conflict with one another)

    (this can also be caused by using the wrong body textures)

    (what i had said previously on head meshes was incorrect, while using relationship dialogue overhaul i frequently had ctd's which i discovered was being caused by the head meshes so i had deleted them. i later discovered this was a mistake because the mod adds in a couple of npc's, i was able to fix the problem by reprocessing the head meshes with cathedral, and converting the textures to bc7 which ironically fixed the ...

  • tips tricks and advice

    1 when dealing with texture optimization always choose the biggest textures, why? it is fairly simple to down-scale a texture and make it look good, but having to re-upscale the texture will will always make it look worse especially if the texture already looks bad

    (there are exceptions like if the texture is already small and still of the best quality, if this is the case then up-scaling the texture by small amounts will sometimes improve the quality by making the details more visable)

    2 got a random ctd? check to see if the mod was packed correctly in it's bsa and zip file formats, also check its esp plugin some mods contain textures and meshes that are not even used.

    (load the plugin using sseedit or zedit, if the mod adds or edits npc's or has a tex...

  • steps for optimizing dlc mods

    1 extract textures using bethesda archive extractor to a empty folder

    2 find and remove mountains, lod's, and water to a different folder

    3 using the bc7 no resize preset provided in the misc section, point octagon to the folder that has the lod's mountains and water in it

    4 make sure that it is not set to pack or repack bsa files at this time
    (make sure bsarch is inside octagons folder you will need to point octagon to the tools including texconv manually or it will not work)

    5 process the first set of textures that contain the lod's water and mountains

    6 using the bc7 1024 max 512 max preset, point octagon to the texures that are not water lod or mountain related
    (make sure it is not set to pack or repck the bsa fi...

  • questions and anwsers

    should a mod like this be used to improve performance? yes

    should this mod be used to make the game look better? no never always use another mod like pfuscher 2020 or somethign similar if you want the game to look better

    what do i recommend for textures? noble skyrim or skyland

    does this replace other performance mods? no, this should be used with other performance mods always like sse engine tweaks or display fixes

    can i use ultra settings? only if your computer can handle it, remember when using mods to be realistic in your expectations. gaining performance comes at a cost whether it be through reduced visual quality  or through a loss of certain features

    can i do the textures of this mod or that mod? not without the authors...

  • rules to follow when modding your game

    this guide assumes the user is using MO2

    1 avoid using mods that create conflicts

    2 avoid mods that are known to be problematic

    3 sort out your mod order, keeping your mods organized and in the right order helps to reduce conflicts and makes it easier to troubleshoot problems that you might be having (refer to rule 5 down below)

    4 avoid mods that create save bloat, they are problematic to work with and cleaning up the save files is sometimes impossible

    5 don't install more than 3 mods at a time, doing so makes it hard to organize your mods properly, it can result in you not having all the patches that you need, and installing more than 3 mods at a time can make trying to find mods that are causing problems or ctds is going to be l...

  • rules to follow when converting or processing textures

    when converting textures there are a few rules that should always be followed

    1 make sure you have a backup of the original files

    2 try to avoid converting plant files or tree files especially if you are down scaling the textures, otherwise it should be OK to convert them so long as you avoid up scaling or down scaling the textures of plants & trees

    3 try to only process the files once, converting textures too many times will degrade their quality

    4 try to avoid converting small textures to a smaller size it will mess with the quality and usually in a negative manner

    5 choose the right format for efficiency & quality

    6 never ever convert to a resolution that is below 512, anything smaller than this tends to loo...